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Wii U Out of Stock!

Amazingly, pre-orders for the Wii U are out of stock all over the place already, even though the release date is November 18. Game Stop is out, Best Buy is out. Kmart is out. Toys R Us is doing a little sneaky thing by creating a bundle that increases the price of the Basic Edition to over $400.

As for Amazon, if you were planning on pre-ordering from them (as I was), we’re out of luck. It turns out Amazon actually never had them for pre-order, due to a feud that’s going on between Amazon and Nintendo since the release of the 3DS. You’ll find many third party sellers on Amazon that are price-gouging–don’t fall for them.

This is all, of course, deja vu all over again from 1998 when the original Wii came out. Conspiracy theories abound–is Nintendo deliberately keeping supply low to create buzz with demand? Some say definitely yes, while others day that the supply chain being created as a result of the new components are legitimately keeping supply low. In either case, it’s definitely working to create buzz around the product. We’ll know for sure if a supply of Wii U’s magically becomes available on the launch date.

Sadly, I didn’t get my pre-order in, so I won’t be reviewing the unit when it comes out, but I’ll be planning on getting one as soon as they become available. But if you were lucky enough to get your pre-order in, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

By the way, there will be new reviews coming for Harley Pasternak soon, as well as an update on my wedding weight loss 🙂 Spoiler alert–the wedding will be taking place on October 7 as planned 🙂

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Do You Wii U?

So, the information is out now! The Wii U will officially be in stores on November 18, 2012!

It will come in two flavors. The “Wii U Deluxe” is black and will retail for $349.99. It’ll come with 32GB of internal storage, a Wii U GamePad (with the touchscreen), a stylus for the GamePad, a sensor bar, AC adapters for the console and the GamePad, an HDMI Cable, the Nintendo Land video game, a cradle for the GamePad, and stands for the console and GamePad.

The “Wii U” is white, costs $299.99, and comes with a GamePad, a stylus, a sensor bar, an HDMI cable, and two AC adapters.

Your current Wii remote, Wii Remote Plus (or Wii Remote with MotionPlus attachment), Nunchuk, and Balance Board accessories will still work with the Wii U. Older GameCube accessories like the DDR dance pads, Active Life game pads, and CyberBike will not work, although I’m sure an enterprising company is working on conversion adapters as we speak.

One very interesting new bit of news is that the Wii U will double as a set-top box, turning the GamePad into a universal remote that can also display “second screen” information (think live stats updating when you’re wathing a football game) about different shows you’re watching.. This was an unexpected and welcome surprise. If you’ve been thinking about buying a Google TV, you may not have to now. You can control your regular TV, TiVo, and streaming services like Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix all from one controller.

So for $300, you get a video game console, a handheld video game system, a Web surfing device, and a streaming TV set-top box all in one. And as predicted, among the 50+ launch titles will be Wii U Fit and Your Shape 2013, so fitness gaming on the Wii is alive and well. And of course we’ll be reviewing them here 🙂

I’ll post pre-order links right here as soon as I get them. I’m going to predict that while the demand may not be as great as the original Wii, that it’s going to be much, much greater than the so-called experts think. So get your order in now 🙂

Pre-Order Your Wii U Today!

For your best chances of getting the Wii U on release date, I’d suggest ordering it from GameStop or Best Buy. I love Amazon, but my last few experiences with pre-ordering from them have been disasters. Still, if you don’t mind getting it a few days later, they’ll have the best prices and service.

Here are links to pre-order on GameStop:

Wii U Deluxe at GameStop

Wii U Basic at GameStop

Wii U Deluxe at Best Buy

Wii U Basic at Best Buy

Links to Amazon when they’re ready…

Wii U Announcement on Thursday September 13!

So, the day is finally here. On Thursday, September 13, Nintendo will be finally announcing the Wii U price and release date, and most likely other details about the Wii U.

To join in on the announcement live, visit Nintendo’s Wii U page at 10:00 AM Eastern time.

As is typical with new electronics these days, a lot of rumors have been leaked already. It’ll allow for expansion though SD cards and USB hard drives. It’ll support up to 1080p and 1080i video through HDMI, component, D-terminal, RGB, S-video, and standard composite video connectors. It will supposedly leapfrog the Xbox and Playstation with 1 GB of RAM. It’ll have improved graphics and speed. And of course, it’ll have that new touchscreen controller.

While a lot of the game media are bearish on Nintendo’s chances, remember that these are the same people who scoffed at the Wii and silly ideas like motion control. I’m not quite ready to count the Wii U out yet, particularly before it launches. The fact that it’s backwards compatible with the Wii’s games and controllers (including the Balance Board) AND that new versions of Xbox and PS3 will not be here for at least a year make me wonder if this might do a lot better than the critics are giving it credit for.