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Punch-Out on sale for $9.99 on Nintendo eStore this week! #wii

Back in 2009 (which, can you believe it, was SIX years ago), I wrote my review for Punch-Out on the Wii. It’s funny, I almost forgot I’d ever played the game, but the video shows that sure enough, I played through every fighter before writing my review.

The game is one of those that’s become a classic–and a collector’s item if you have an original copy. The original version is selling on Amazon for almost $60 and even the cheaper Nintendo Selects version is going for over $70 new, over $40 used.

These few weeks have been full of news from Nintendo. They announced that Club Nintendo was ending, that the new 3DS XL was being launched, and that a bunch of classic titles were going on sale in the Nintendo eShop these next few weeks as they convert classic games to run natively in the Wii U.

This week, one of the titles for sale is Punch Out, for $9.99. Great deal on a classic game that can give you a bit of a workout, and because it is native to Wii U there’s no need to go into Wii mode to play. But hurry–it’ll be back to $19.99 at 11:59 eastern time on January 29!

If you’re feeling nostalgic, here’s my victorious moment from six years ago.

Wii Fit Meter only $10 at Amazon

The Wii U Fit Meter is priced to go at Amazon at $10. Word is that at some Best Buy locations, it’s on clearance for $7.99.

If you’re a user of Wii Fit U, this might be a good opportunity to stock up on Fit Meters. Get one for the husband, the wife, the kids, and even the dog! While most people have focused on this as an accessory for individuals, there’s actually a ton of utility when you use it as a family. Everyone can “compete” against each other to see how far they’ve walked. It’s a shame that Nintendo didn’t build games into Wii Fit U that allowed families to compete against each other in this way, as it could have been something that really would have helped the same sell more than it did. But even so, you can be creative and make your own games. See who can make it to the top of Mount Fuji first, for example, under their own individual profiles.

Grab it while you can–the price is almost certainly going to go back to its full retail price as soon as they’ve cleared out their Christmas inventory.