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We’re changing our name!

So, I’ve used the name “Nutwiisystem” since I started the site in March 2009. Back then I had a brilliant idea for losing weight–combine exercise on the Wii with a diet plan like Nutrisystem and voila, you’ll find yourself happier, healthier, and fit.

For those of you who followed my earlier posts, you’ll see how I got down to a healthy weight (I even had a daily tracker where you could follow). The funny thing is, it affected more than my weight. I suddenly felt happier, healthier, and more confident. Maybe not altogether coincidentally, it was within a few months after starting the blog that I met the lovely Lisa and long story short, we got married in October 2011 and today we have a beautiful 4-month old daugher, Maddie.

Over time, this blog evolved to focus less on the diet portion and more on the exercise. Specifically, what fitness games for the Wii and the Wii U were so much fun that you didn’t even realize you were getting a workout?

To be honest, I expected from day one that someone at Nutrisystem would contact me about the domain name, but that never happened. I’d done my research and it was clear to me that this name isn’t a trademark variation–from the day it launched it’s never caused confusion nor suggested sponsorship or endorsement of the trademark owner and any jury in the world would see that as I’ve stated by the logo, it’s just a bad pun.

In fact, in the years when this blog was bringing a lot of business for Nutrisystem I notice they kept pretty quiet because they knew I was a big advocate or them.

But the inevitable happened–this morning I received a note from an associate online marketing manager at Nutrisystem. Admittedly the note was a little more terse than I would have liked. A “hey, we appreciate all you’ve done over the past seven years to help spread the word about our product, but the domain is causing some confusion internally so we’d appreciate your help” would have been nice, but whatever.

Normally, I’d argue back with them, but on the other hand, I’ve been thinking for a while about changing the name of this blog anyway, as the blog has clearly outgrown the name.

First of all, I don’t hock Nutrisystem diets anymore (I still believe in their concept of a low glycemic diet, but let’s face it, being on their food for an extended period of time really makes you miss “real” food. I’d rather apply their principles to my own meal planning).

Secondly, as I’ve lamented in past posts there’s less and less news about the Wii and the Wii U. And all the news of the Nintendo NX next year points to it focusing more on mobile gaming and less on motion gaming. Nintendo’s apparent abandonment of their Quality of Life initiatives after the untimely passing of Sarotu Iwata, it seems that there won’t be much news out of Nintendo in the future.

Times change, but as you’ve seen in the most recent posts about the VirZoom, fitness gaming still has a bright future. And so rather than letting this site suffer the same demise as its sister site, PS3Fitness.com, I thought I’d pivot this site to talk than more than the Wii. I want to expand it to talk about things like Oculus, Playstation VR, Apple Watch, fitness on mobile devices, and many more things.

And so I’m unveiling a new name for the site. It will be…


Sort of catchy, isn’t it? 🙂 I was shocked that the domain was still available. So over the next few weeks you’ll see this site’s design and domain transform.

Are you a die-hard Wii fan? Don’t worry–so am I, so all the great content about the Wii will still be here (including the highly popular Top 10 list for the Wii and the Wii U), and I’ll still keep reviewing Wii and Wii U fitness games as they are developed (which at the very least will be all the Just Dance we can take :P).

For those of you who’ve been following this blog for years thanks so much for sticking with me over the years. I promise many more great things to come.

What’s next for Nutwiisystem.com? Watch!

So, if you recall a few months ago when I saw there weren’t a ton more Wii games coming to review, I mentioned I would be considering getting a fitness tracker like a FitBit or an Apple Watch. But for the longest time I just couldn’t justify spending $400 on a watch, and as for the FitBit, my Wii U tracker was giving me all the information I needed, thank you very much (plus, the FitBit doesn’t let you use your accrued miles to climb Mount Fuji).

Well, as often happens, Black Friday changed my mind. Specifically, Apple Watches on Best Buyicon were going to $50 off, something you never quite hear of happening with Apple products. Target had a nice sale too where they’d give a gift card for buying a watch, but I liked the straightforwardness of the Best Buy discount. By the way, if you’re reading this the weekend of Black Friday you still have time to get one for even more–$100 off

I was wondering where to take this blog, now that publishers have all but abandoned the Wii. In a way it’s not a bad thing, because it got to the point where there was just so much garbage being developed by publishers who wanted to cash in on the crazy while it was happening. As you can see from the two “best of” lists, the ones that did work worked great (and I’m still using my Wii U as part of my exercise routine).

In addition, Nintendo announced years ago that they were going to be developing more gadgets, games, and systems focusing on quality of life and fitness. That never came to pass and there’s some speculation that the company has abandoned the idea, another unfortunate bit of news after the very untimely passing of Satoru Iwata,

And so while from time to time I’ll revisit the old games and talk about new ways to use them, and of course I’ll update you as soon as I hear anything about Nintendo’s forays into things like its Quality of Life initiative and the vitality sensor, I’ll also turn my attention to other devices that make “fitness so fun you forget you’re working out”. So that, plus Black Friday 2015, pushed me to getting my own Apple Watch. Yes, I’m months late to the game, but hopefully I’ll make up for it with my detail as I attempt to maximize the use of all its fitness capabilities.

More soon!

How I did on my wedding weight loss challenge

So, a lot of you have been asking how I did on my wedding weight loss challenge / ultimatum. For those of you who may not be up on the story, you can read about it from a post I made last June. Long story short, the lovely Lisa (my then-fiancee) gave me a challenge to lose 25 pounds before the wedding. In June, I weighed in at a ridiculous 228 pounds. This was after getting all the way down to 195 after my first Nutrisystem adventure (which took place when this blog started).

If you recall, in June I decided to sign up for Medifast. After about a week or two I just couldn’t take it anymore. It was absolutely, positively disgusting. I had chicken soup that tasted like water with crayons in it (fans of Linus and Lucy will get the reference), I had chocolate brownies were I was literally gnawing off dried chunks of chocolate dust off a paper cup, and I had crunchy bars that tasted like styrofoam with a little sugar on them. Even the best parts of the diet, the shakes, got really old really fast. Needless to say, I tossed what was left of the Medifast.

The one good thing I took away from Medifast (and Nutrisystem) was to set an eating schedule. Now back in my bachelor days it wasn’t uncommon for me to skip breakfast, sometimes skip lunch, and gorge on dinner. In my mind, I figured that skipping two meals would mean I’d lose weight 2/3 faster. But that logic just doesn’t work for a couple reasons. First, my skipping meals I was ruining my body’s metabolism. It was counterintuitive, but by eating less my body would be less efficient at burning calories. Making matter worse, of course, was that I’d snack throughout the day without even realizing it, plus I’d eat an enormous dinner because I thought I’d “earned it”. What Medifast taught me was to eat many small meals throughout the day. But instead of eating their awful food I replaced it with comparable portions of fresh fruit, salads, and even some healthy snacks.

Something else I did was start to include more exercise in my daily life. Where I work in Manhattan is about a 20 minute walk but a 10 minute subway ride to the train station. But I’d find myself walking 5 minutes in the other direction to the subway, and sometimes I’d have to wait 5 minutes for a subway to come. And sometimes the subways were so full that I’d have to skip the first one and wait another 5 minutes for the second. So ironically, I discovered that walking was often faster. Not only that, I realized how cool it was to walk through Manhattan; sometimes I’d take 5th Avenue and pretend I was one of the beautiful people, sometimes I’d walk down 6th and get a fantastic view of the Empire State Building, sometimes I’d walk down 7th and enjoy the hustle and bustle (and occasional free stuff) of Times Square. All the while I’d listen to my favorite podcasts. In other words, I turned what I’d normally think of as a chore to a really fun experience. And of course on weekends and evenings I’d do some NFL Fitness Camp, some Zumba, some Just Dance, and just relax by playing video games and “fooling myself” into getting exercise.

And so the burning question is…did I make it? For the answer, check out a video from my wedding (fast forward to the 17:45 mark)

Video streaming by Ustream

Now those of you who read my blog know that I don’t like posting pictures of myself (on XboxFitness.Org reviews of those annoying Kinect games where they take your picture, I always hide my face by wearing a Ninja outfit). But just for loyal Nutwiisystem readers, I’m showing you my wedding dance, something I would not have pulled off at 228 pounds 🙂

I didn’t get to the target 203, but I came close, at least close enough for Lisa to say “yes” 🙂 And more importantly, I think I learned a lot about diet and exercise. “Fake food diets” are a lot like Dumbo’s “magic feather”. As Timothy The Mouse would say, “the magic feather was just a gag”. What these diets do is “force” you into behavior that you could well be doing on your own. The reason why people go off those diets and gain all the weight back is that they didn’t build their experiences into real habits.

Our grandparents who worked with their hands and worked in the fields needed huge meals, and so they fed them to our parents who fed them to us. Our portion sizes have gotten larger, but our lifestyles have gotten more and more sedentary. It’s no wonder that obesity is so rampant. The media likes to treat obesity as if it’s a medical disease, and in fact it is for a very small percentage of people. But for the vast number of people, it’s just a result of a series of choices of eating more and moving less. Change that equation, and you’ll find yourself losing weight, feeling healthier, and living longer.

I’m still not done with trying to lose weight, and rest assured I’m not done with the Wii either. As new Wii games comes out, I’ll keep reviewing them, and as the Wii U comes out I’ll review that and games for that as well. I have yet to find the “perfect” video game workout, where the workout is so engrossing, fun, and effective that you want to come back every day to play and that you can’t help but get great exercise.

Thanks to all who’ve come on the journey with me, and I hope this has been some inspiration to some of you out there who are struggling with weight loss just like me. Here’s to many more adventures down the road with working out on the Wii!


If at first you don’t succeed…diet diet again

Well, as most of you who have followed the blog since 2009, you’ll know that I originally weighed in at about 225 pounds, which put me just over the obese line. I went on Nutrisystem and a regimen of Wii exercise, and got myself all the way down to about 195. I was feeling great and looking not-so-bad.

For about a year or so I maintained about that weight. But then the Nutrisystem stopped, and the exercise became less and less. And sure enough, the pounds just started to come back.

Fast forward three years later to 2012. A few weeks ago I got on the scale again and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. The scale read 228! I actually tried one or two other scale, thinking this one must have been broken. But alas, it wasn’t.

What made me really sad about this is that I really thought I was trying…I ate salads for lunch, I avoided fast food. But despite the fact that I thought I was eating healthier and exercising, truth be told, I’d pretty much reverted to bad habits. I drank sugary drinks, I snacked a lot more at all hours of the day and night, my life became increasingly sedentary, and trips to Seattle and Hawaii where I thoroughly enjoyed the local cuisine without a modicum of self control didn’t help.

I think I mentioned about a year ago that I have my wedding coming up in October to the lovely Lisa, who gave me a friendly challenge a year ago to lose 25 pounds by our wedding. Now I should explain that Lisa is one of these freaks of nature, where if we sit down to eat the same meal (in the most recent case sliders and fries at Yankee Stadium), even if we eat the same amount, I’ll gain five pounds, and she’ll lose three! But instead of kvetching about it, I started to notice why. I’m the sort of person who, since childhood, has eaten three gigantic meals a day–with breakfast being largely optional. Lisa, on the other hand, eats throughout the day. I’m a big fan of fast food, and big honking glasses of cold soda, and snacking on bowls of Cap’n Crunch before bedtime (yes, really). These are the sorts of things that have just crept into my daily habits. Lisa, on the other hand, snacks on things like almonds and rye bread, and enjoys them.

And so I realize more than ever that weight loss isn’t about the latest fad diet. It’s about reprogramming your body and your brain to start taking on good habits. And so, I figured I’d go back to the future and try again with a packaged diet program and a Wii workout regime.

As much as I enjoyed Nutrisystem and found it very effective (so much so that I named this site in homage to them), this time I thought I’d try a competitor of theirs, MediFast (also known as TakeShapeForLife or Simple2Lose). What appealed to me about this program is the same thing that appealed to me about Nutrisystem–instead of bizarre gimmicks like taking the buns off hamburgers or eating nothing but grapefruit, this seemed on the surface like a pretty healthy choice.

And so, let the games begin. As I did when this site started I’ll give you a weekly blow-by-blow account of my progress, good or bad. I figure the Wii fitness game world is going to be quiet anyway until the fall, so we’ll go back to the basics (don’t worry, I’ll be providing full coverage of Wii U fitness games as they show up).

The Medifast program is not cheap. For four weeks worth of food, the bill came out to be $327.50, after all the online coupons and discounts I could find. That’s comparable to a month of Nutrisystem. Ordering on their Web site was pretty easy and the food came within a few days.

MediFast works along the same lines as Nutrisystem. While you’re on the program, you eat what they tell you to eat, and nothing else. In Medifast’s case, this means eating around a 100 calorie meal every 2-3 hours of the day. You’ll eat four of these throughout the day, timed in the early morning, the late morning, lunch time, the mid-afternoon. Then, you’ll have dinner, which consists of a protein and three servings of vegetables from a list they provide (this is where Medifast and Nutrisystem differ, as Nutrisystem is a lot more flexible about fresh vegetables and fruits). You’re even allowed to have a snack before bed.

The thought behind these program, of course, is that those who develop bad eating habits (like me) tend to starve themselves and then gorge on one or two big meals. That ends up slowing the metabolism to the point where the body simply becomes inefficient in burning off calories. If you’re someone like me who maintains the same weight no matter how much exercise you do, while your friend (or fiancee) loses 5 pounds just by sneezing, this might be one way to help.

Here’s what my haul looked like when it arrived.

medifast month supply

Right away I could see differences between this and Nutrisystem. While Nutrisystem provides meals that look (and sometimes taste) like “real” food like lasagna or hamburgers, Medifast doesn’t even seem to bother. My big box from UPS contained bars and shakes and oatmeal packets and the occasional shrink-wrapped cookie.

I started the diet about a week ago, and started the morning with oatmeal. The directions said to empty the packet in a microwavable bowl, add 1/2 cup of water, and stick it in the microwave. I tried it and it looked like this.

medifast oatmeal

Looks pretty bad, doesn’t it? Well, trust me, it tasted much, much worse 😛 In all honesty, it was not a very auspicious beginning to the Medifast experience. After microwaving, the “oatmeal” was in rock-hard clumps within the brown water that reminded me of an Aveeno bath. I stirred and stirred but couldn’t get the clumps to unclump. Something tells me I should have done a modicum of stirring before sticking it in the microwave.

Still, a diet is a diet, so I figured I’d stick to it.

When 10:15 AM came around, I was in the office and starting to get pretty hungry, which I saw as a good sign. I had a “Fruit and Nut Crunch Bar”.

fruit and nut crunch bar medifast

Now when I heard that I would get to eat bars during this diet, I was envisioning something the size of an old Willy Wonka bar. This bar looked about half the size of a traditional granola bar. I made a point to chew carefully unlike the traditional way I eat bars like this which is to inhale them.

This was not bad tasting, and it lived up to its name of being fruity and crunchy. It’s sweet and I believe the crunchiness is soy that’s puffed up to resemble rice. While not the best culinary experience I’ve had, it did the job of satiating my hunger.

As 12:00 rolled around, it came time for me to prepare lunch. I took a paper packet out of the Chicken and Wild Rice Soup and read the instructions–put the contents in a “deep bowl”, add a cup of water, microwave for 2 and a half minutes, stir, let rest for a minute, and then microwave another minute. I didn’t have deep bowl, so I thought I’d be clever and divide the soup into two paper cups.

I could see why they told me to use a deep bowl, because after about two minutes the soup gushed out of one my cups like I’d struck oil. After cleaning up the microwave, I combined the two cups.

medifast chicken and rice soup

The soup wasn’t much better tasting than the oatmeal from the morning. There were a few scraps of freeze-dried chicken, one or two grains of rice, some freeze-dried carrots. It seemed almost like cruel and unusual punishment that outside my window are food trucks with cheesesteaks and burgers and pizza and gyros. But again, a diet is a diet.

As 3:00 rolled by it came time for a Vanilla shake. That’s right, another packet of powder. Between the oatmeal, the soup, and the shake, by now I’m starting to feel like a mad scientist brewing up concoctions with water and powder.

I didn’t have my free “shaker cup” handy, but in a fit of inspiration I took a Fiji water bottle, a Post-It note, and improvised.

medifast shake

As you can imagine, I ended up with a lot of white powder all over my shirt, my pants, and my desk. Luckily no one stopped by that I had to explain it to.

Believe it or not, the taste of the “shake” was not bad and was probably the best tasting thing of the day. Although it did have a somewhat chalky residue. It did the job of clearing away the 3:15 PM hunger pangs, though.

As evening rolled by, I treated myself to a salad at Cosi. While technically it didn’t fall into the guidelines of the “one lean and green meal”, I figured it was close enough–it had about the right amount of salmon, plus lettuce and mushrooms and stuff on the list of approved veggies. I didn’t ask them to hold the carrots or the edamame, which I suppose would have sped up my weight loss, but at some point you just have to draw the line of wanting to stay human.

Funny thing–after a day of eating powder and water, I enjoyed the salad almost as much as a Peter Luger steak. I’m not sure if that’s an unintended consequence of being on Medifast, but when it comes time for you to enjoy that “lean and green meal”, you really do.

In the evening, I treated myself to another bar, and I also did about 30 minutes of riding on the Cyberbike and lifted some weights. I think one critical thing when on these diet programs is to remember to exercise–cardio will use up the fuel from whatever carbs you’re allowed to eat, and gaining muscle mass will make the burning of those calories much more efficient.

My initial thoughts about Medifast? I’ll be totally honest–I thought Nutrisystem’s food wasn’t great, but compared to this it may as well be gourmet fare. But of course, that’s not what Medifast markets itself as. As with Nutrisystem (but taken more to the extreme), I see it more as a way to build up good habits and to get the body used to those habits. Eating more small meals a day is better than gorging on big meals. Eating leaner, healthier foods is better than loading up on grease and salt and sugar. These are all good lessons to keep even after the diet is over. I suppose if I had opted for a Medifast program with a “coach” like Simple2Lose that’s exactly what the coach would be telling me (plus, the coach would probably berate me for eating the edamame).

In a lot of ways, I see going on Medifast as sort of like putting your body through basic training in the Army. For a few weeks you give up your freedom and flexibility in order to learn some discipline. Just by forcing myself to do “five pre-apportioned small meals a day thing”, it really opened my eyes to how much food my body doesn’t need that I snack on throughout the day without even thinking. I love ya, Cap’n, but our late night rendezvous have got to stop.

My early opinion is that the food is definitely a step below Nutrisystem, and that’s a pretty low bar to start with. You’re basically making “meals” out of packets of soup powder, packets of shake powder, and dry nutrition bars. Granted, they keep you from getting too hungry through the day as long as you space them out right, but I won’t kid you, it’s not the most pleasant experience. Perhaps the point is that when it comes time to go off the diet, you’re thrilled to be eating “good” food like rice cakes, fresh fruits and veggies, and tuna sandwiches on wheat again.

And so, the saga begins anew. If you haven’t done so already, “Like” this site on Facebook by clicking in the box to the right to encourage me to keep going! 🙂

Why I’m supporting #sopastrike

I’m not a big site, but already I’ve seen what overzealous lawyers can do to a site. When I posted my review of a major release last year, I did my usual thing and posted a long review and some YouTube videos of my gameplay.

The next day I came back to the site and found that my YouTube account, which had hundreds of videos and thousands of followers, was in the process of being taken down due to “copyright infringement”. I was flabbergasted. Here I was giving positive free publicity to this company, but they wanted to shut me down. And of course, my silly little videos of Stii-Wii shaking his booty didn’t infringe on anyone’s copyright nor prevent anyone from buying the game–to the contrary, I know for a fact that hundreds if not thousands of people ended up buying it because of me.

I wrote in desperation to the legal department at the company who was trying to shut me down. No response. I wrote to their Marketing department. No response. I wrote to the publisher. No response. The clock was ticking and soon the years of time and literally sweat I put into my YouTube Channel would be gone.

Thankfully, I knew enough to file a counterclaim, and knew all about fair use and copyright law. But that’s just because I’m a computer geek. Most bloggers would have given in.

Don’t get me wrong–I understand the reasons behind SOPA and PIPA. The United States hardly produces anything anymore…tragically we don’t manufacture TVs or electronics or pharmaceuticals or practically anything. The only thing we still produce is entertainment like movies and video games, and yes, thieves are stealing them and getting rich by selling them for pennies on the dollar or giving them away for free and benefitting from online advertising. So in a sense, one of the last vestiges of our gross national product is under assault by thieves and counterfeiters from China to Eastern Europe.

I have indeed been the victim of copyright infringement myself. A few years ago, I found an offshore site that copied all the hard work I’d done on my site (as little and inconsequential as it is) and serving it up as its own. So yes, I see the rationale behind these laws. But the way they’re implemented is flawed. It would essentially deputize sites like Google and GoDaddy to become arms of the FBI. Any lawyer anywhere can take down any site just by complaining about it; you are guilty until proven innocent. This threatens every site from YouTube and Wikipedia to his one. Read more about it here.

The US Congress and presumably the President who would end up signing this bill Have good intentions but are under a delusion that this bill will solve more problems than it creates in its present form. I always marvel at our politicians who triumphantly sign bills that are supposed to help we consumers and never realizing that the bill only ends up making lawyers rich, giving bureaucrats busywork to do, and empowering lobbyists in all industries to continue buying off their favorite politicians, left and right…and not even solving the original problem it was supposed to.

I agree…there oughtta be a law. But just not this one.

Wii Fitness Games for your 2012 Weight Loss Resolution

I notice that people love to visit this site the day after Christmas. I always wondered why, and then it hit me. People get Wiis and Xboxes and PS3s for Christmas, and they also happen to enjoy their share of candy, cookies, and turkey. The confluence of events means a lot of searches for “Wii Fitness Games” and “Wii Exercise Games” the next day.

Well, you’re in luck. I’ve been reviewing Wii fitness games for almost three years now. Over the years there have been some spectacular ones and plenty of duds. Here on Nutwiisystem.com we try to review all of them. You’ll see an unbiased review here on the blog, and you can also go to our list of the best Wii exercise games to see the best of the best.

One question I hear a lot is, is it really possible to lose weight using video games? The answer I always give is the same one. Yes, but only if you STICK to it and really put all of your energy into it. In other words, sitting on a sofa playing Super Mario Kart is probably not going to do it for you. But if you get off the couch and dance with all your energy to Just Dance 3 or stick to the predetermined schedule of EA Sports Active 2, as long as you’re breaking a sweat and your heartrate is elevated for a good 20 minutes, and you’re controlling your portions while you eat, you WILL lose weight.

So take the rest of the four days off, but starting on January 1, 2012, let’s make a resolution to jump, dance, and Wii our way to fitness!

Here’s some late breaking news! Best Buy is holding an after-Xmas sale with some great prices on lots of new games in our top 10 list, including Just Dance 3 and Zumba Fitness 2. Best Buy has certainly been the retailer to beat this year, so kudos to them for setting the bar with great prices this year. Click here to see the sale…

The EA Sports Active 9 Week Program that became a 29 Week Program

Well, for those of you have are regular readers of the blog, you’ll remember that way back on January 13 I started the EA Sports Active 9 Week Program. We also started a EA Sports Exercise Group, NutWiiSys, at the same time.

You may notice that I never finished it. With two workouts to go, I got the flu. Then, I recovered from the flu and scraped up my knee biking. That put me out of commission for a few weeks. Then, life just got crazy busy. Those two remaining workouts never quite happened. And yes, I started to put on weight again 🙁

Long story short, today I started up EA Sports Active 2 for the first time since then. I was greeted with the following screen.

Completed EA Sports Active 9 week workout--sort of

Yes, it looks like EA Sports Active 2 got tired of waiting for me, so it told me I was done and gave me this lovely trophy. It’s beautiful, but also just a hair empty because I regret not being able to really finish what I started. While it’s a bit embarrassing for me to admit, I post it here just to let you know that even though I run this site, I do deal with the same challenges myself!

Well, something else happened in these 29 weeks. I asked my girlfriend Lisa to marry me, and by some miracle she said yes! Lisa is an active (and tiny) person who loves volleyball and hiking, so fittingly (pun not really intended), I took her to her favorite hiking trail, Breakneck Ridge in New York, and when we got to the top, I fell to my knees and asked her (I literally fell to my knees–that is a rough trail).

Now if you’ve ever heard the nursery rhyme about Jack Sprat (the guy who could eat no fat) and his wife (the one who could eat no lean), Lisa would be Jack and I would be the wife. When we go to restaurants, I usually finish my plate, and then finish all of her plate except for the one or two bites she took.

Now Lisa is the sweetest thing on earth–she’s always told me that she “like chubby guys”. On the other hand, because she’s concerned about my health she’s been dropping hints lately. This culminated in a challenge: could I lose 25 pounds by our wedding. 😛

While we don’t have a date set yet, I’ve decided to take her up on her challenge. And so, I will be starting up again. I think this time I’ll use NFL Training Camp, which I paid $60 for and never used (it’s down to $25 now). There’s a 60 day challenge, so hopefully this time nothing will get in my way!

One thing I never did was to THANK the members of the NutWiiSys EA Sports group. Until the flu and the bike incident, you guys were GREAT motivation for me. I am so proud of what we accomplished as a group. The latest stats are:

1) We ran a total of 119 MILES!
2) We completed 198 workouts
3) We worked out for 95 hours and 13 minutes
4) We burned 37,062 calories!

I see that some of you are still going, even though I’ve fallen off the wagon. Maiphp, keep up the great work! Holythorn, congrats for finishing the 9 week program before I did 😉

Sadly, EA Sports won’t let me track my NFL Training Camp stats in the EA Sports Active 2 group. But if anyone has NFL Training Camp and would like to work out alongside of me, let me know and I’ll set up another group!

In any case, I will keep you informed of my progress. Wish me luck!

Announcing the Wii Fitness Game Discussion Forum!

Something I’ve had on my mind to do for a while has been to launch a discussion forum where we can talk about Wii fitness. On our site’s most popular page, the 10 Best Wii Fitness Games page, I’ve noticed that a lot of folks have been leaving comments and questions not just about the top 10 games, but also about other topics of interest, such as the best games for kids, the best games for multiple players, the best low-impact games, and more great questions.

So, if you have a burning question about Wii Fitness games, come on over to the brand new forum. You can post as a guest or register as a user.


I’ll do my best to answer whatever questions you have, and of course, I encourage you to chime in to help your fellow Wii fitness fans with theirs. Enjoy!

And we’re back!

Hey everyone,

To my shock, it’s been over a month since I last posted. Where I last left off, I had a small number of exercise dates to go with EA Sports Active 2, and then I got the flu, followed by a nasty cough. I eventually recovered from that, but then things got busy at work. And then spring came, and I started riding my bike. And then I rode into a pothole and flipped over, getting bumps and bruises and lots of soreness and two skinned knees (thanks Queens, NY) which meant weeks before I could exercise again.

I guess in some ironic way, it’s fitting that I write a diet and exercise blog and fell off the wagon. Well, here I am climbing on again. In the coming weeks I’ll be finishing what I started with EA Sports Active 2 (albeit a month and change late), and I’ll be figuring out what Wii workout game to tackle for the next round.

In addition, I’ll be resuming my review of Wii exercise games. There haven’t been much of late, but I have been sitting on EA Sports NFL Training Camp and Michael Jackson: The Experience for a while, so I’ll have my usual in-depth reviews of those. In addition, the games Fit in Six and ExerBeat have been or will shortly be released, so I’ll be reviewing those as well.

I haven’t logged in to our group’s EA Sports Active account in a while, I hope the rest of the team has been a bit more active than I have been? I start again now 🙂

Addendum as of 5/16/11: wouldn’t you know it, but days after I typed this, my scraped knee got infected and turned into bursitis. Thank God, I’m okay. But it was a painful time when even bending my knee was excruciatingly painful. After some antibiotics the swelling has gone down, but it pushed back my exercise routine yet a few more weeks 🙁

Cough Cough…Should You Exercise with the Flu?

So, for those of you who have been doing the math, this week was to have been my ninth week in my EA Sports Active 2 9-week workout. I have been fastidiously keeping to the Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday schedule set by EA Sports Active 2, even to the point of doing double workouts on weekend days to make up for missed workouts and, as you’ve seen, taking my Wii with me to all parts of the country when travelling.

Well, last Friday I had that “oh, no, I’m coming down with something” feeling. Sure enough, by Sunday I was in bed with a big fever, body aches, and chills.

Those three remaining workouts (Friday, Monday, and Tuesday) were almost mocking me. I thought to myself…should I just buck it up and make it through those workouts? Hey, maybe sweating will even help my body fight the infection and clear my fever faster, right?

After looking it up online, the answer was clear.  It’s a bad, bad idea to work out with the flu. While working out when you’re healthy can help your body build up its immune system, once you get the flu, it’s time to stop and let your body do its thing without getting in its way. Trying to exercise in the middle of an illness may make you sweat more, but it’ll also weaken your body’s ability to fight what’s going on inside it, and may dehydrate you to boot, at a time when your body needs hydration (there’s a reason everyone always tells you “drink plenty of liquids”).

Happily, as of this writing (Thursday), the fever has passed, although now I’m stuck with a bad bronchial infection. So I’ll be taking it easy for a little while.

The one thing I do NOT know is, will EA Sports Active 2 let me pick up where I left off, let me finish the last three workouts, and “count it” as a completed program? Or will it tell me “tough luck…the last 8 1/2 weeks of work don’t count and you’ll have to start all over again?

We shall see when I’m ready to start exercising again (hopefully in a week or so). In a meantime, just repeating a plea to the developers of EA Sports Active 2: PLEASE let us adjust the individual days on our own workout schedules once they’re set!

In other news, I noticed that our NutWiiSys group on EA Sports Active has just surpassed a total distance of 115 miles run. Way to go, team! 🙂