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Wii Fit for Wii U
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Posted:  06 Jul 2012 19:22
Can you give us the lowdown on Wii fit for Wii U? It almost feels like with all the attention Nintendo is placing on its new touchscreen controller that things like the Wii balance board and even Motionplus controllers are being deprioritized. Worse, I was one of the many people who didn't appreciate EA Sports abandoning EA Sports Active, but I don't see anything like it coming down the pike (they have the Adidas thing coming out for Xbox and PS3 and the Nike thing coming out for Xbox, but the Wii seems the be getting neglected.

What have you heard about WIi Fit for the new Wii?
Posted:  07 Jul 2012 05:34
Actually, I've been writing a bit about the Wii U on the blog.

Bottom line, I had the same fears as felt like the Wii U was being relegated to the dust bin of history as far as fitness or even motion gaming went. But I'm cautiously optimistic about a few things...

1) While EA, Konami and Namco-Bandai seem to all have abandoned the fitness gaming genre, Ubisoft is happily embracing it. I was happy to see not only Just Dance 4, but also Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013 as launch titles for the Wii U.

It's a shame that we won't be seeing games like Exerbeat, Walk It Out, or DDR for the Wii U, at least not in 2012. For example, I think it would have been brilliant to be able to walk through the Walk It Out world and see the map of the area and continually updated stats on the touchscreen controller. Maybe some other year.

2) It was disappointing to see Adidas MiCoach supporting the PS3 and the Kinect but not the Wii or Wii U, and just as disappointing to see Nike+ support the Kinect. But happily, Nintendo has put its full support behind Wii Fit, making a brand new version for the Wii U.

In addition, they will be bundling a pedometer with the new Wii Fit U that will track your movements wherever you move inside or outside the game. Early indications are that Adidas' and Nike's accessories will not be bundled into their packages, meaning Xbox and PS3 users will be forking over not just $50-60 for the game, but also upwards of $100 more for the accessory.

Long story short, don't count out the Wii U yet. While the other systems get a lot of the hype, it looks like there the Wii still has a few things up its sleeve.