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Wii U vs. Xbox...which to get?
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Posted:  27 Jul 2012 15:54
So, what are your opinions on the future of the Wii? I've read all the news and commentary on the Wii U. It looks cool, but I'm a little disappointed that they seem to be going away from the motion controls that they helped pioneer.

For my next-gen system should I get a Wii U or should I cave and get an Xbox (I hate Microsoft, so it'll be a tough pill for me to swallow--on the other hand it seems that a lot of good motion games are being built for the Kinect
Posted:  28 Jul 2012 01:56
As far as I understand the WiiU will allow its users to continue to us the Wii's motion controllers and also all of the Wii's catalog of games.

While the Kinect is a nice piece of technology, it could be better and it isn;t the most user friendly.  Rumor has it that a much more precise Kinect 2 will be built into Microsoft's next entertainment system.

The price of the WiiU will determine if I pre-order it.  $200 or less and I will bite.