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Posted:  19 Nov 2012 18:27
ive been hearing a lot about the new wii and its touchscreen controller. what does that mean for the future of the wii motion controllers? i think its sad that nintendo pioneered the whole concept and now seems to be giving up improvements to it to microsoft and sony. i tried both kinect and move at friends houses and they both have a lot more accuracy, but i've invested so much into the wii that i cant see myself buying a $500 system and then $1000s of games.

similar question--i heard that the new wii wont support gamecube controllers (exerbike, ddr, active life pads), but will there be some kind of converter to let us use them?

thx in advance!
Posted:  20 Nov 2012 23:06
You can read my experiences with unboxing the Wii U here:

http://www.nutwiisystem.com/blog/unboxing-the-wii-u-white-basic-v ...

Basically, not only are the Wii remotes still supported, they're still required to navigate the Wii menu. Time will tell whether game developers will use the Wii remotes or the GamePad, but my gut tells me at the end of the day most will use both to some extent (e.g., one player holding the GamePad, other players holding the Wii remotes).

Great question about the GameCube controllers. I haven't heard a peep out of Konami, Big Ben, Namco Bandai, or anyone else who sold popular peripherals that used the GameCube ports. My guess is you won't hear anything and that when they release Wii U versions they'll start selling new controllers with USB plugs--after all, selling brand new gamepads will be a huge money maker for them, more so than selling converters. I'll keep my eyes open.