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Posted:  04 Aug 2011 05:52
Can anyone recommend any Wii Fitness games for senior citizens or older adults who can be a little active but don't want to be leaping and jumping all over the place?
Posted:  06 Aug 2011 08:14   Last Edited By: steve
Hi Guest,

To be honest, one of the best games for seniors is still the very first one ever made: Wii Sports. In particular, bowling is very, very popular among seniors everywhere; there are even leagues and tournaments.

Here are some other good choices:

- Wii Fit Plus is another great one for older adults. Because Wii Fit was built on more "eastern" approach to exercise, some younger people may find it inadequate compared to intense cardio games. But that's exactly what makes it ideal for seniors--exercises such as yoga and balance games can be extremely helpful. In fact, in 2009 there were studies conducted which showed that playing the Wii can help seniors with balance and help prevent falls.

- Walk It Out is an ideal game for seniors because of its low impact nature. It's especially useful when the weather may be too extreme to walk outside. And the multiplayer capability lets them walk with a friend.

- If the older adult used to be active in his or her younger days, the Wii can do wonders in letting him or her relive the glory years. For example, Wii Ski is a fairly realistic simulation of hitting the slopes, just as Tiger Woods Golf provides a very realistic experience of hitting the links. There are even hunting and fishing games with attachments that feel like the real thing. Granted, these may not be "exercise", but they do wonders in keeping both the mind and body active.

- Big Brain Academy - While not a physical exercise game, this is a great game to keep the mind and brain exercised and healthy, which can be just as important!

I'd love to hear if anyone else has any suggestions or any experience with playing Wii with the "seasoned citizens" among us!

Posted:  20 Jun 2012 09:56
I am an occupational therapist working in mental health with older persons and we regularly use Wii games.  We use Wii sports (bowling, shooting, golf etc) and especially the quiz's 'who wants to be a millionaire, Deal or no deal and have just purchased Countdown and Trivial pursuit to try out.  These games not only give people some enjoyable physical exercise but helps maintain cognitive skills and often is the most social activity of the week.  What we would like to see is low gentle stretchs and movement games for limited mobility, strength and stamina.  Wii fit board would be too difficult for some, so hopefully Wii will come up with something in this area soon.
Posted:  30 Jun 2012 22:25
My sister and I (ages 77 & 61) use Wii Fit, we use the balance board & the controllers & numchucks.  We also have Wii Sports and Walk It Out, we use them all plus the Wii Big Brain.  Our only complaint:  the music on Walk it Out is DEFINITELY not our generation's music.  We put the words up because we can't tell one song from another, the only songs we like is the only by Black Eye Peas and Walking on Sunshine & Vacation.  The music is really for young people.  We do the Free Run on the Wii Fit and we are thinking of putting some marching band or big band music on to walk/run to.  Does anyone know of a way to change the music on Walk it Out?
Jude and Angela
Can we change the music on Walk It Out to something that is senior friendly.
Posted:  01 Jul 2012 01:26
Hi Linda. Thanks so much for your notes on how you use the Wii in your occupational therapy. I actually think there's a lot of great potential with the new Wii U, where for some games you'll be able to control certain things with the GamePad controller that affect people playing on the console. That may be a great way for you to customize your therapy for different patients. We'll know for sure soon!

So nice to hear from you Jude and Angela! Unfortunately, Walk it Out doesn't let you use custom music. But I have *sort of* a workaround.

1) First, under Options, set:
- Miss Control: OFF
- Timing Window: EASY
- Stepping Mode: HALF
- Lyrics: OFF

2) Then, go to "Playlists" and clear out ALL songs. Then, add ONE song has a Beats-Per-Minute value close to the songs you want to play (for example, Sousa marches typically have a tempo of about 125 beats per minute).

3) Finally, play the music you want to walk to on your computer (or audio system), and turn down the sound on your TV. For example, I tried these great Sousa marches.

The trick is to NOT look at nor care about the "GREAT" and "PERFECT" scoring, as despite the settings it'll still be a little off. But if your goal is just to walk and unlock things, I think this is probably the best workaround there is for now.

Hope this helps! Keep up the great fitness!
Posted:  02 Jul 2012 19:16
THANK YOU!!! We love the Sousa marches and we are going to rolling your workaround!   Just listening to the YouTube compilation makes us want to walk, walk, walk.  Thank you again,
Jude & Angela
Posted:  06 Apr 2013 22:16
A game worth checking out is Exerbeat.  It has workout routines - more physical than Walk It Out - but not a lot of jumping around.  Hard to find - I would try to find one used at either Best Buy or Game Stop.
Posted:  15 Jan 2014 10:34   Last Edited By: ugurylmz2121
We love the Sousa marches and we are going to rolling your workaround!   Just listening to the YouTube compilation makes us want to walk, walk, walk.  Thank you again,