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Wii Sports Club--will it come with new sports?
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Posted:  16 Oct 2013 15:33
I have to say I love the idea of Wii Sports Club, and I really like that they're not just updating the new games for online multiplayer, but improving them to use the Wii Remote Plus as well.

My question is--do you know if Nintendo is planning to release other games? I can see sports like snowboarding (with the balance board!) being pretty cool, not to mention sports they've already done in Wii Sports Resort like ping pong, rowing, sword fighting, basketball, and archery being popular.
Posted:  16 Oct 2013 19:28
they've only announced that they'll be doing the original Wii Sports (baseball, tennis, golf, bowling), but if this thing takes off you can bet they'll be adding additional ones.

whether this works or not will depend on how successful their notion of "communities" are. the one thing I detest about past efforts to have online multiplayer is the amount of cheaters there are (with mario kart wii, people had all kinds of exploits that Nintendo was either too dumb or too clueless to'd be winning a race and then suddenly another car would materialize out of thin air). that pretty much killed that feature for me and a lot of others.