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Posted:  30 Oct 2013 06:28
when is the wii fit meter being released? And is it really true that Nintendo is going to give away the full version of Wii Fit U for people who buy the Fit meter? The seems too good to be true.

If it's true that the price of the wii fit meter is $19.99 and the game is $49.99, it's like they're giving me $30 for free? What's the catch? is the wii fit u a crippled version of something?
Posted:  31 Oct 2013 04:35
Coming on Friday! Here are links you can go to to be first on line:

http://www.nutwiisystem.com/blog/fit-meter-for-wii-fit-u-now-avai ...

Yes, you can the full, complete game unlocked for you if you have the $19.99 Wii Fit Meter. I think Nintendo is desperate to "convert" the millions of Wii Fit users not just into Wii Fit U users, but also to Wii U as well. They probably figure if they can "lose" $30 but gain $300 by convincing users to upgrade to a Wii U console, they're still ahead. We'll see if it's the right strategy.