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How to use two Wii Remotes in Wii Fit U Boxing
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Posted:  15 Nov 2013 20:24
I'm loving Wii Fit u, but one thing's bugging me. I could swear that at some point, I was able to use 2 wii remotes for the boxing activities. But now whenever I play the same i'm only about to use the Wii remote and a nunchuk (which isn't nearly as fun or responsive). am I just imagining things? is there a way to force the system to use two wii remotes?

Posted:  11 Jan 2014 16:41
Make sure you have two of the Wii Remote Pluses (not the old Wii Remote). As long as both are powered on and recognized (solid LED light on the bottom of the remote), it'll automatically be recognized when you play Wii Fit U games that use them, such as Boxing.

Hope it helps!