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Equipment question (Get fit with Mel B)
lose weight with wii and nutrisystem

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Posted:  05 Jan 2012 18:58
Thanks for the very valuable info.  I am totally new to this and thinking of getting "Get fit with Mel B".  Do I have to buy anything else e.g. a mat or any other equipment?  Many thanks.
Posted:  14 Feb 2012 18:53
Hi Guest,

Get Fit with Mel B can be played without any additional equipment, but they do allow you the option to use your own aerobics step, fitball, resistance band, wrist weights, or ankle weights within workouts to augment them. I find it useful, for example, to use bands or weights when I want to work on building muscle, and aerobics step when I want to lose weight.

Posted:  27 Jun 2012 07:17
Get Fit with Mel B is excellent.

I love how I can pick the exercises I want my students to do.  I just wish I could cross over to different disciplines when picking exercises.

Besides her dorky laugh, it is an excellent fitness program.