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Posted:  26 Apr 2012 20:42
Help! where do i get a replacement Wii fitness belt?
Posted:  26 Apr 2012 21:12
Hmmm...not sure exactly which game you're talking about (different games that require belts offer their own subtly different version). Here are the more popular ones:

1) Zumba Fitness Belt by Majesco - This is the official belt used for Zumba Fitness and Zumba Fitness 2. It's a pretty flimsy belt that feels like thin vinyl, but it does the job. You stick the Wii remote in power button-side up and then dance away. It'll fit comfortable for anyone up to around a 50" waistline.

2) EA Sports Active 1 Belt - This isn't a belt but something you strap to your thigh to put the Wii Nunchuk in. It did the job in the day, but

3) Generic Wii Belt. This is pretty much your only other option right now. Useful for activities like running in place (such as on Wii Fit Plus or Jillian Michaels 2011) where the system tell you to put the remote in your pocket. One problem is that it won't work with a case or a MotionPlus attachment.

A "cheap" way out is to just carefully thread your existing belt between the existing plastic case and the Wii remote. This method has worked wonders for me.

Hope it helps. Good luck!
Posted:  22 Jun 2012 00:05
THanks for the tip on threading my existing belt with the Wii remote--you saved me some serious $$$ I love how the game publishers make it seem like using *their* belt is mandatory with their game when all it is is a cheap piece of plastic with a logo!