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Release date of Adidas MiCoach for PS3: Never :(

One of the game I was most looking forward to was Adidas MiCoach for the PS3. The release date was supposed to have been March 12, 2012. Then it was pushed back to March 31, 2012 on some site. And now, we get official word that the title has been cancelled.

The announcement came during THQ’s quarterly analyst call today. THQ announced it would focus once again on “hardcore gamers” versus casual gamers, likely a reaction to their disastrous marketing of their uDraw tablets, resulting in $33 million in losses. In only a few weeks, their stock price plummeted from around $1.75 to around $0.50 today.

It’s definitely a shame. The title was announced with a lot of fanfare, including celebrity endorsements from folks like Dwight Howard. It was exciting to hear that the Adidas MiCoach system would be integrated.

Hopefully another developer will pick up the slack (we’re talking to you, EA–are you working on EA Sports 3??) I think the market is still ripe for people who want to get a *real* exercise game that is both fun and provides great fitness.



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