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Best Wii Fitness Games with Balance Board?
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Posted:  30 Jan 2012 20:27
When Wii Fit first came out I remember how exciting this new peripheral was going to be. But like a lot of you, I'm really disappointed years later. The balance games on Wii Fit were fun, but I didn't think they really provided a lot of cardio exercise. And worse, just about every game that's come after it that says it supports the balance board seems to be pretty weak. I guess the prohibition against jumping on the balance board really limits how much you can really do with it from an exercise perspective.

So my question is--has anyone out there come across a game that REALLY makes effective use of the Balance Board the way it's supposed to be used? I would love to take it out and dust it off, but for the life of me none of the games I've played it with are very good.
Posted:  26 Apr 2012 21:01
This is a great question. In a lot of way, I think the balance board never really lived up to its potential. Your instinct for a peripheral you stand on (like a DDR dance pat) is to be able to jump on it and stomp on it, but of course the delicate innards of the balance board don't allow for that. Because it this, you're really stuck with "swaying".

IMO, here are the best games that use the Wii Balance Board.

1) Wii Fit Plus - the first and still the best. Activities like tightrope walking, juggling, and obstacle course really showed the potential of the balance board. Sadly, no developer seemed to have taken it any further than that in the years since.

2) We Ski and Snowboard. I think this is the only other "natural" activity where your motions on the balance board really mimic those in real life. Even though this is an oldie, it's still one of the best skiing simulations on any platform.

3) TheBiggest Loser and The Biggest Loser Challenge- While optional for gameplay, the use of the Balance Board for things like squats and lunges really add to the utility of the game.

Sadly, those are the only ones that come to mind, although I'll add more if I can think of them. In all honesty, I mainly use the balance board for weighing myself (it's actually one of the more accurate scales I own). In a lot of ways the Kinect for Xbox has taken the next evolutionary step as far as a peripheral to detect lower body motion, although for obvious reasons it can't match the balance board in terms of things like determining weight and subtle movements.
Posted:  22 Jun 2012 00:10
I'm thrilled that they announced that the balance board will still be supported with the wii u (even as they take away support for things like the ddr dance pad and active life game pad).

Although in all honesty, I don't think the board has really lived up to its potenital. After a great set of games with Wii Fit, it seems that developers didn't really know how to develop for it. I guess the skiing and snowboarding games were okay, but I would have loved to see more games like the obstacle course in Wii Fit (for example, a 3-D version of Super Mario Bros). ALthough not being able to really run and jump hurts it to I suppose
Posted:  11 Jul 2012 07:19
I'd add Rayman Rabbids TV Party to the list. It uses the BB for about half the mini-games and some of them are really a lot of fun.

Skate It was also a decent game that does a fairly good job at simulating skateboarding.
Posted:  06 Apr 2013 22:08
I would add Go Vacation to the list.  The board is optional, however, some of the items that use it are quite good.  Some games are similar to Wii Fit like Ski Jumping and Skiing. However, they take things to a new level with some of the games. Many activities use it (some better than others) - Wheel Slider and Dog Sledding are two of my favorites. Others include Grind master, in line skating, slalom skiing, snow board, snow tubing, sidewinder, jet ski, half pipe, skateboard, surfing, paragliding, and pie thowing.