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Announcing the Nutwiisystem EA Sports Active 2 Workout Group (CLOSED TO NEW PARTICIPANTS)! Plus, another sale at Amazon.

For those of you who just purchased EA Sports Active 2 for Wii (and there were a lot of us!) and who missed the last post, I’ve set up a new online workout group just for readers of this blog/Facebook group. The group only accommodates 12 people, and 3 slots are taken, leaving 9 more.

If you’re interested in joining, leave a comment here (or in the last post), or e-mail me directly at steve [.at.] nutwiisystem [.dot.] com. I’ll email you the group name and password you can use. This way, as we’re starting our 2011 exercise regimens we can all keep each other on our toes!

amazon exercise games sale In other news, it turns out Amazon has yet another sale on a ton of exercise and fitness games today under a sale they’re calling “New Year, New You”.

A ton of the top 10 fitness games are featured, including EA Sports Active, Walk It Out, and Active Life Explorer. Also on sale are hardware items like a riser for the Balance Board and hand weights for making you more Wii-ry in Wii workouts.

Check out the sale here.

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