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A couple Wii U Deluxes at Walmart!

They’ve been out of stock at Best Buy, Gamestop, Toys R Us, and just about everywhere else you can think of, but I’ve noticed that in the last few days there have been a couple Wii U’s at Walmart. If you’ve been trying to pre-order, check them out.

Here’s a link to the Deluxe Console. As of this writing they’re sold out online but a few locations still have store pickup available:

Nintendo Wii U 32GB Deluxe Console w/ GamePad & Nintendo Land, Black (Available for Layaway at your Local Wal-Mart Store)

Here’s a bundle that had been available, but it’s going in and out of stock:

Nintendo Wii U Solution Bundle w/ Customer Choice of Wii U Game and Controller

Finally, here’s a link to Walmart’s page for the regular Wii U, although this has been out of stock for a very long time.

Nintendo Wii U

Check these links from time to time, as Walmart has been the only retailer that seems to have any kind of Wii U’s available at all. Good luck!

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