Citi Bike Ride Reports

A gorgeous and cool summer day: Day 18

There’s a word I haven’t used yet for my Citi Bike experiences: uneventful. And yet this morning’s ride was just that.

The weather when I got out of Penn Station was a beautiful 64° and sunny.

a beautiful day in the neighborhood

I got a bike at Penn station with no problems and proceeded to bike down 30th and across to Madison. Other than a car that almost made a blind right turn into me, the ride was really smooth. The sun was out, the air was crisp, and I actually had a great time. I even found a dock at 47th and Park. I treated myself to a Frappicino at Starbucks, with no guilt feelings given the workout I just had.

Well, as usual the ride home was not as nice. I got out of the office a little early at 5:50. But I guess because it was such a beautiful day every single bike around me was gone. I did see on the Citi Bike map that there were plenty of bikes at the Broadway and 49th station.

broadway and 49th

The problem is I forgot how long a walk it is from Madison to Broadway. So I made my way crosstown on foot, an utter waste of time considering there were three stations within two block of me that were gutted. I did get a bike at 49th and Broadway and biked to Ninth, where there was a whole bunch of bikers fast and slow in the bike lane.

I made my way back to Penn station with several minutes to spare before my train. Overall it was a very nice ride, but I am still miffed that Citi Bike still can’t get bikes in Midtown when and where we need them the most.

Cost per ride: $95/28=$3.39/ride
Stress level: 2 of 10
Aggravation level: 6 of 10

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