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This new site is sort of a natural extension for me. I am the owner and purveyor of the Playstation 3 site PS3Fitness.Com, where I provide news and reviews of Playstation Move hardware and games that can be used for fitness and exercise. On this site, I hope to share news and reviews of  all things related to the Playstation in 3D.

The Playstation 3 first started to be capable of playing games in 3D on June 10, 2010 with firmware update 3.0. In September of that year, with firmware update 3.5, the PS3 was made capable of playing 3D Blu-Ray movies.

Of course, in order to play 3D PS3 games or watch 3D Blu-Ray movies, you need a 3D-capable HDTV set. In 2010, they were going for $3000-5000 easy. As of 2011, a good set is available for around $1000-2000. But in this economy, very few people can afford this, especially since it was not so long ago that we all forked over thousands of dollars for a regular HDTV. This is why even after being on the market for over a year, you don’t hear many people talking about their 3D Playstation games.

In the Fall of 2011, Sony aims to change all of that. They had great success by including a Blu-Ray player in the Playstation 3 which let PS3 owners watch Blu-Ray movies “for free”. While they’re not going to offer a 3D TV for free, IMO they’re changing the game by selling a complete 24″ 3D set for under $500. The PlayStation 3D Display is already available for pre-order at Amazon, NewEgg, Best Buy, and other retailers.

I’m going to make a bold prediction and say that these things are going to sell like hotcakes. While paying another $2000 for a TV is beyond what most of us can handle, it’s less of a challenge to buy a$500 TV, especially when you can also put it in another room in the house and use it to watch regular TV programming, Blu-Rays, or DVDs (3D or not).

And so, this site is meant for all of you out there who are going to buy one of these things. On this site, I hope to share advice, reviews, and my own experiences in this new world of 3D (I just placed my order on Amazon myself!) Overall, I hope this site will be fun and informative and helpful in all things Playstation 3D. Enjoy the ride!


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