Citi Bike Ride Reports

Activating the Citi Bike Key

I got my Citi Bike Key on Friday, but I figured I’d hold off on activating the key until the day I was ready to take my first ride. So I waited until after midnight for it to turn into Monday, June 30 (it’s about 1 AM as I write this).

The registration process is pretty easy. You start by finding the number on the back of your Citi Bike key:

citi bike keychain device

Then you log onto the Web site using the username and password you registered with and enter the number there.

activate citi bike

And voila…you can see that my membership is active as of….yesterday???!

Citi Bike's first fail

So, there you have it, my first negative experience with Citi Bike (Citi Bike Annoyance #1), where they stiffed me out of a day of my annual membership and I basically waited up until after midnight for nothing. Bah.

Something else I didn’t like was that after I registered, there really wasn’t much fanfare. You’d think there’d be a “Welcome to Citi Bike” reinforcement message with a recap of how to take your first ride. But none of that today.

And so, I’ll go to sleep tonight and dream of my first ride in the City tomorrow.

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