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And we’re back!

Hey everyone,

To my shock, it’s been over a month since I last posted. Where I last left off, I had a small number of exercise dates to go with EA Sports Active 2, and then I got the flu, followed by a nasty cough. I eventually recovered from that, but then things got busy at work. And then spring came, and I started riding my bike. And then I rode into a pothole and flipped over, getting bumps and bruises and lots of soreness and two skinned knees (thanks Queens, NY) which meant weeks before I could exercise again.

I guess in some ironic way, it’s fitting that I write a diet and exercise blog and fell off the wagon. Well, here I am climbing on again. In the coming weeks I’ll be finishing what I started with EA Sports Active 2 (albeit a month and change late), and I’ll be figuring out what Wii workout game to tackle for the next round.

In addition, I’ll be resuming my review of Wii exercise games. There haven’t been much of late, but I have been sitting on EA Sports NFL Training Camp and Michael Jackson: The Experience for a while, so I’ll have my usual in-depth reviews of those. In addition, the games Fit in Six and ExerBeat have been or will shortly be released, so I’ll be reviewing those as well.

I haven’t logged in to our group’s EA Sports Active account in a while, I hope the rest of the team has been a bit more active than I have been? I start again now 🙂

Addendum as of 5/16/11: wouldn’t you know it, but days after I typed this, my scraped knee got infected and turned into bursitis. Thank God, I’m okay. But it was a painful time when even bending my knee was excruciatingly painful. After some antibiotics the swelling has gone down, but it pushed back my exercise routine yet a few more weeks 🙁

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    Kevin Miller
    May 03, 2011 9:59 am

    Looking forward to your review of Fit in Six to see if it is a just slightly repackaged version of Your Shape and if UBI Soft has worked out the massive camera problems Your Shape had.

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