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Announcing the Wii Fitness Game Discussion Forum!

Something I’ve had on my mind to do for a while has been to launch a discussion forum where we can talk about Wii fitness. On our site’s most popular page, the 10 Best Wii Fitness Games page, I’ve noticed that a lot of folks have been leaving comments and questions not just about the top 10 games, but also about other topics of interest, such as the best games for kids, the best games for multiple players, the best low-impact games, and more great questions.

So, if you have a burning question about Wii Fitness games, come on over to the brand new forum. You can post as a guest or register as a user.

I’ll do my best to answer whatever questions you have, and of course, I encourage you to chime in to help your fellow Wii fitness fans with theirs. Enjoy!

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