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Clip to Attach Playstation Eye Camera to the TV Securely

It’s happened to me, I’m sure it’s happened to you too. Your Playstation Eye is perched precariously on the small ledge on top of your LCD HDTV. You make a sudden movement and BAM, the camera falls to the ground. At that point you remember that the Playstation Eye is an intricate piece of optical equipment with fragile parts, pick it up, and kiss it to make sure it has no boo-boos. Then, you put it back on your TV.

One of these days, the Playstation Eye may have boo-boos which you can’t kiss away. And that’s where the PS3 Eye Camera Mounting Clip comes in very, very handy. This is a clip that’s hardly noticeable, and yet it fastens the camera to your TV so securely that even an earthquake (or worse, me playing Get Fit with Mel B) won’t be able to knock it off its ledge.

Get one today. Your PS3 Eye will thank you for it!

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