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Cough Cough…Should You Exercise with the Flu?

So, for those of you who have been doing the math, this week was to have been my ninth week in my EA Sports Active 2 9-week workout. I have been fastidiously keeping to the Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday schedule set by EA Sports Active 2, even to the point of doing double workouts on weekend days to make up for missed workouts and, as you’ve seen, taking my Wii with me to all parts of the country when travelling.

Well, last Friday I had that “oh, no, I’m coming down with something” feeling. Sure enough, by Sunday I was in bed with a big fever, body aches, and chills.

Those three remaining workouts (Friday, Monday, and Tuesday) were almost mocking me. I thought to myself…should I just buck it up and make it through those workouts? Hey, maybe sweating will even help my body fight the infection and clear my fever faster, right?

After looking it up online, the answer was clear.  It’s a bad, bad idea to work out with the flu. While working out when you’re healthy can help your body build up its immune system, once you get the flu, it’s time to stop and let your body do its thing without getting in its way. Trying to exercise in the middle of an illness may make you sweat more, but it’ll also weaken your body’s ability to fight what’s going on inside it, and may dehydrate you to boot, at a time when your body needs hydration (there’s a reason everyone always tells you “drink plenty of liquids”).

Happily, as of this writing (Thursday), the fever has passed, although now I’m stuck with a bad bronchial infection. So I’ll be taking it easy for a little while.

The one thing I do NOT know is, will EA Sports Active 2 let me pick up where I left off, let me finish the last three workouts, and “count it” as a completed program? Or will it tell me “tough luck…the last 8 1/2 weeks of work don’t count and you’ll have to start all over again?

We shall see when I’m ready to start exercising again (hopefully in a week or so). In a meantime, just repeating a plea to the developers of EA Sports Active 2: PLEASE let us adjust the individual days on our own workout schedules once they’re set!

In other news, I noticed that our NutWiiSys group on EA Sports Active has just surpassed a total distance of 115 miles run. Way to go, team! 🙂

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    Mar 18, 2011 12:49 pm

    I was fighting something too heading into my last week of the challenge. I ended up missing 2 workouts (3 workouts missed overall). Active 2 did not let me make them up. Once I logged in past the first profile screen, to where you would choose “today’s workouts” or “missed workouts” it cycled through and gave me an achievement for completing the challenge. I even logged in on what I thought was to be my last workout day, and it completed the program.

    This lack of flexibility certainly disappointed me, but I am much happier with Active 2’s overall product than EA NFL Training Camp. I was doing the 60 day challenge there at the same time as Active and it is certainly a 1st generation attempt compared to the polish and function of Active 2. But that’s for a different discussion.

    Congrats to everyone in the group. I’ve got to get in a start a new challenge program to keep adding my stats to the group.


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