Day 24 to 31 – Off Nutrisystem for a week

So, because I work for a company that sells flowers, every Mother’s Day at our company they will bring in good food for Mother’s Day week. The reason is that we tend to work crazy hours (it’s typical for me to work from 8 AM to 10 PM), and we need to stay focused on the task of getting flowers to Moms around the country.

So, from a weight gain perspective, this spells trouble in two ways. One, I tend to be very, very sedentary, sitting in a cubicle in front of a computer for hours at a time. Second, the food they bring in is good. Really good. We’re talking pizza, pasta, sushi, ribs, chicken, bagels, wings, paninis, sandwiches, and more. And no, I wasn’t about to eat stuff out of a cardboard box while all this food was flowing around me. So, I partook.

When I weighed myself on Mother’s Day (5/10), I knew I was going to gain weight, but it was just a question of how much. To my surprise, I gained only 2.4 pounds. Sure, it was a step backwards, but it was worth it 🙂 I wonder why I didn’t gain more weight, and I realized it was because Nutrisystem had taught me good habits, like not piling on food (as I would do in years past) and thinking twice before loading up on “bad carbs”.

Anyway, as of the day after Mother’s Day (5/11) , I am back on the wagon.

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