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Day 9 – Track and Field, Phelps last race, Trampoline

Days 9 and 10 of the Olympics 3D coverage saw the end of the swimming competition.

The last swimming competition of the day saw the 4×100 men’s swimming team for the USA win gold, which happened to be Michael Phelps’ 22nd and last Olympic medal. Here are the guys celebrating after their win.

phelps 22 medals

A ton of coverage was given to the trampoline competition, one that most people would normally skip but which I suspect was chosen for 3D coverage because of the heights the participants reach.

trampoline in 3d

One very, very cool thing was seeing the 3D view from the top, which is cool enough in 2D but even more interesting in 3D where the gymnast literally popped out at the screen toward you.

top view of trampoline

There were more track and field events that got the 3D treatment, including the long jump where one of the camera shots has the jumper running toward you and literally jumping out of your TV.

long jump in 3d

Hurdles were also pretty neat. Again, the cameras seemed strategically placed to give you a feeling of depth.

3d hurdles




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