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Days 10 and 11 – Synchronized Swimming, the Fastest Man in the World, more Track and Field

On days 10 and 11 we were treated to Usain Bolt once again proving that he is the fastest person in the world.

usain bolt in 3d

We also got to see a brand new sport in 3D:¬†Synchronized Swimming. Once again the combination of the 3D and the innovative camera placements and angles gave me a whole new appreciation of the sport–and of how freakishly long these ladies have to hold their breath and do everything upside-down.

syncrhonized swimming in 3d

Although I admit, I still don’t get it all the time, although now I can not get it in 3D.

synchronized swimming

We saw a number of new Track and Field events that had added a whole new perspective on familiar activities. Here’s what the pole vault looks like.

pole vault in 3d


Some more highlights of day 11…Epke Zonderland’s thrilling performance in the high bar.

epke zonderland


And Ally Raisman’s brilliant gold medal performance.

ally raisman 3d



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