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Days 5 and 6 of the Olympics in 3D: Gold Rush

3D coverage continued on the NBC 3D channel. Looks like NBC may be waking up to the fact that people are watching this channel–they actually have Bob Costas starting the coverage at 5 AM explaining the events of the day that’ll be featured, instead of just throwing viewers into random coverage. They’ve also been better about putting announcers on.

On days 5 and 6, coverage continued to focus on swimming, diving, gymnastics, and canoeing. I’ve been enjoying NBC’s live streaming coverage during the daytime, and have started to watch sports like archery, volleyball, water polo, fencing, and table tennis, but for the 3D coverage it’s clear that they’ve selected only the most popular sports and the ones that translate to 3D the best.

I’ve gotten into my routine of watching the same-day coverage on regular TV and then tuning in to my favorite moments in 3D the next day. What’s cool is that I’m getting over the “whoa this is cool” factor of the 3D and just enjoying the coverage for what it is. I would much rather them have edited the footage down to the top moments instead of showing unedited action (after a while the swimming heats all start to look the same).

But hey, no complaints. I got to relive great US moments like the US Women’s Gymnastics team taking the all-around gold.

3d womens awards ceremony

…and the US 4×200 team getting gold as well…

mens swimming gold medals

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