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Do You Wii U?

So, the information is out now! The Wii U will officially be in stores on November 18, 2012!

It will come in two flavors. The “Wii U Deluxe” is black and will retail for $349.99. It’ll come with 32GB of internal storage, a Wii U GamePad (with the touchscreen), a stylus for the GamePad, a sensor bar, AC adapters for the console and the GamePad, an HDMI Cable, the Nintendo Land video game, a cradle for the GamePad, and stands for the console and GamePad.

The “Wii U” is white, costs $299.99, and comes with a GamePad, a stylus, a sensor bar, an HDMI cable, and two AC adapters.

Your current Wii remote, Wii Remote Plus (or Wii Remote with MotionPlus attachment), Nunchuk, and Balance Board accessories will still work with the Wii U. Older GameCube accessories like the DDR dance pads, Active Life game pads, and CyberBike will not work, although I’m sure an enterprising company is working on conversion adapters as we speak.

One very interesting new bit of news is that the Wii U will double as a set-top box, turning the GamePad into a universal remote that can also display “second screen” information (think live stats updating when you’re wathing a football game) about different shows you’re watching.. This was an unexpected and welcome surprise. If you’ve been thinking about buying a Google TV, you may not have to now. You can control your regular TV, TiVo, and streaming services like Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix all from one controller.

So for $300, you get a video game console, a handheld video game system, a Web surfing device, and a streaming TV set-top box all in one. And as predicted, among the 50+ launch titles will be Wii U Fit and Your Shape 2013, so fitness gaming on the Wii is alive and well. And of course we’ll be reviewing them here 🙂

I’ll post pre-order links right here as soon as I get them. I’m going to predict that while the demand may not be as great as the original Wii, that it’s going to be much, much greater than the so-called experts think. So get your order in now 🙂

Pre-Order Your Wii U Today!

For your best chances of getting the Wii U on release date, I’d suggest ordering it from GameStop or Best Buy. I love Amazon, but my last few experiences with pre-ordering from them have been disasters. Still, if you don’t mind getting it a few days later, they’ll have the best prices and service.

Here are links to pre-order on GameStop:

Wii U Deluxe at GameStop

Wii U Basic at GameStop

Wii U Deluxe at Best Buy

Wii U Basic at Best Buy

Links to Amazon when they’re ready…

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