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EA Sports Active 2 Fitness Bundle for sale at Best Buy for $12.99

So, it’s been a quiet time for Wii Fitness gaming. Publishers just aren’t developing fitness games for the Wii anymore, and other than Your Shape: Fitness Evolved and Just Dance 4, not much happening for the Wii U either (we’ll see if they finally announce a North American release date for Wii Fit U at E3 in a couple days).

In the meantime, if you have a Wii or Wii U, the good news is that the games on our top ten list¬†are still pretty good and will likely be good for a while. Here’s my advice, especially for people who buy a Wii U: take your old Wii and an old TV and move it to your home gym, rec room, or exercise room. Then, start a brand new exercise regimen.

If one of the old games you’d like to revive is EA Sports Active 2, you’re in luck. Best Buy has what is likely to be a clearance sale on the official EA Sports Active 2 Fitness Bundle Kit

This was a package that originally retailed for $39.99. It contains resistance bands of “heavy” and “medium” resistance (if your original is like mine, it’s probably deteriorated by now), as well as a 72 inch fitness mat, a jump rope with interchangeable handles, and two one-pound weights for your wrist or ankles (which feels like ten thousand pounds after a few minutes of exercise).

This is a genuine bundle by EA, not from a third-party. And at thirteen bucks, it’s probably your last chance to snag one before they’re gone for good.

Sadly, it’s highly doubtful we’ll ever see an EA Sports Active 3, as EA Sports has shunned the Wii U and doesn’t appear to want to compete with Nike on the Xbox. It’s sad, because EA Sports Active could have evolved in so many ways. Let’s hope that over time, other game publishers stick their neck outs and achieve the huge success and levels of innovation that EA did when they first introduced Sports Active.

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