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Get a pre-owned Wii for $29.99 or PS3 for $59.99 after rebate

As I dive into the world of smartphone fitness games, just to prove I haven’t forgotten about our beloved Wii and PS3 for fitness I figure I’d pass along a deal for the Wii and PS3. đŸ™‚Â Not sure how long this is going to last, but you can get a pre-owned Wii or PS3 from Gamestop for only $29.99 after rebate.

Here’s how.

First, go to this page to order a Wii for $49.99 or this page to order a PS3 for $79.99.

On your receipt you’ll see a unique rebate code. Enter it at

That’s it. You’ll get a $20 rebate, and a used system that’s guaranteed to work. Couple it with some games from our best-of lists of exercise games for the Wii or PS3 and you’ve got yourself a cheap home fitness system. The PS3 is a deal and a half, because with your console purchase you get one of the best 3D Blu-Ray players you can buy “for free”.

h/t to the good folks at Slickdeals.  This appears to be an unadvertised deal that is showing up on people’s receipts.


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