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Great Deal on Wii Fit U from Groupon #wiiu #wiifitu #balanceboard

Heads up! Groupon has a great deal on Wii Fit U, a new Balance Board, and two Fit Meters. Normally just the game itself sells for $40, but for just an extra $10 you can get a new Balance Board and another Fit Meter.

Granted, Apple has gotten a lot of attention lately after their release of iOS 8, which includes the pretty spiffy Health application that tracks your steps, stairs climbed, and walking and running distance. But for all of Apple’s advancements, Nintendo still offers two things that Apple doesn’t–the ability to measure weight and activities that are a lot of fun and offer exercise and balance.

Considering that not so many years ago the Balance Board itself was selling for well north of $100 on its own, this bundle is a great deal. While Nintendo is clearly starting to plan for a post Wii U world as it ramps up its “quality of life” business (more on that later), Wii Fit U, the Balance Board, and the Fit Meters still stand at #1 of our list of Wii Fit U games, and would make a great gift for someone in your life who happens to have a Wii U.

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