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How to Train Your Dragon 3D Blu-Ray available cheap at Best Buy (as well as MegaMind and Monsters vs. Aliens)

how to train your dragon 3d blurayOne thing I’ve been obsessed with lately is finding a copy of How to Train Your Dragon in 3D. Strangely, it sells for $54+ on Amazon and eBay, while other 3D Blu-Rays sell for a lot less.

I realized why this is happening. Turns out that this title has been exclusive only to people who bought Samsung 3D TVs. I’m not a big fan of these kinds of exclusivity deals, as most people aren’t going to base their decision on which $3000 TV to buy based on one movie. What it ends up doing is depriving a lot of people who buy other TVs from manufacturers like Sony and Panasonic from enjoying the movie, and it spawns a “black market” in people selling off their 3D copies. This is what’s happening on Amazon and eBay.

The good news is, Best Buy now has relatively cheap copies of How to Train Your Dragon (as well as Monsters vs. Aliens and MegaMind). Yes, it’s yet another exclusive deal with Best Buy (again, which explains why you can’t find the $34.99 price anywhere else).

Click on these links to purchase these 3D Blu-Rays at the lowest price around:

How to Train Your Dragon 3D Blu-Ray

MegaMind 3D Blu-Ray

Monsters vs. Aliens 3D Blu-Ray

I’m admittedly still not crazy about the movies still being exclusives, but at least Best Buy is pricing them fairly at under $40. If you’re planning to buy a Playstation 3D display, this is a great way to get these once-exclusive titles at a great price.

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