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If you’re curious about the “Playstation Wii”…

…head on over to my review of Playstation Move on our sister site PS3Fitness.Com.

Bottom line: the PlayStation with Move is a phenomenal piece of technology that will really bring motion gaming to the next level. The graphics and sound are phenomenal, and the precision of the motion controls is amazingly accurate.

As for those people who say the Wii is doomed…well, as Mark Twain might say, “reports of its death are greatly exaggerated”. First of all, the Playstation and its games are much, much more expensive than the Wii, so shelling out a few more hundred dollars is probably beyond most families’ budgets. Secondly, while the Playstation is certainly elegant and refined, it does lack a certain personality that Nintendo did so well with the Wii. Long story short, I think there’ll plenty of room for both, just like there’s room for a Peter Luger’s steak and a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese in my life 🙂

As for Microsoft we’ll see. Sony has set the bar very high, so we’ll see if Microsoft truly surpasses it, or if Kinect will go the way of the Kin and the Zune.

Regardless of who prevails in the “motion control wars”, I think we’ll be the winners. My guess is that you should see the quality of Wii games improve as publishers realize they have competition now. Rest assured, this site will continue to review the best Wii fitness games out there, and there will be a lot of them coming in time for Christmas 2010.  Stay tuned!

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