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Interesting PS3 sports training video games announced by THQ

We’ve had a bit of a drought with PS3 Fitness games lately, but recently, THQ has announced some pretty interesting ones. UFC Personal Trainer is going to be released in a few weeks, on June 28. Here, you’ll be brought through the regimen of an “ultimate fighter” with training of the type that a mixed martial arts athlete goes through.

Also just announced from THQ was MiCoach Premium – Move and MiCoach Basic, due to be released in March 2012. This looks like it’s going to be amazing. Working with Adidas, this is going to be an interactive experience which will feature athletes from various sports, including Dwight Howard, Kaka, Tyson Gay, Jrue Holiday, Josh Smith, Jessica Ennis, Ana Ivanovic and Eric Berry. Each of the athletes will guide gamers through training programs in their respective sports, receiving real-time feedback on their actual in-game performance during their workouts when wearing a miCoach heart rate monitor. This is one I am definitely looking forward to.

Long story short, while the lack of Move games has been a bit disappointing, hang on, reinforcements are coming! Check out this video of Dwight Howard talking about the game:


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    Jul 20, 2011 4:01 am

    I like the reviews of this game. The only question I have about this game is that it’s possible to use dumbells in the PS3 version. I know the 360 version has this option, but I’m doubting about the PS3 version, due to the use of the move controller.

    Can someone answer this question?

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