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Just Dance 2 is Coming Next Week!

HOT OFF THE PRESSES: I just posted my review of Just Dance 2. ┬áHint: it’s good!

Just Dance 2 is Just Dance 2the long-awaited sequel to Just Dance,┬áthe game that introduced “real dance moves” to video games is coming next week.

Amazon has a pretty neat set of specials that come when you order the game. Order now and you’ll get:

  • Delivery on October 12 (the day of release) for a nominal fee.
  • $10 to spend on a future video game purchase
  • Just Dance 2 sunglasses. Yeah, they’re chintzy, but that’s how you have to dress when you play this game

The first line in their marketing claims that they’ve improved motion tracking accuracy, which of course was my biggest beef with the first version. Of course, I’ll be trying it out and I’ll let you know exactly what I think of it.

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