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Just Dance Sequel Announced: Dance on Broadway for Wii

It’s funny, but one of the best selling fitness games for the Wii (having sold 2 million copies and counting) isn’t an exercise game. It’s Ubisoft’s Just Dance. And as I wrote in my review of Just Dance, it’s a winner. It’s got that unique combination of fun, hipness, practicality (I’m just waiting for that next dance party where I can put my moves into action), and addictiveness. The only gripe I have against the game is its motion tracking, definitely not one of Ubisoft’s strong suits (if anyone from Ubi is reading this, two words: Motion Plus).

So as a fan of this game, I was happy to hear that Ubisoft is planning what looks to be a sequel: Dance on Broadway. Ubisoft has announced a release date of June 25, 2010 and a pre-order link is already available on Amazon. Other than that details are a bit sketchy. There’s speculation that there may be on online component of the game (imagine a dance-off between you and people around the world).

I’ll post more details as I hear them!

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