Citi Bike Ride Reports

My first ride in the spring

it’s funny but when I made my last regular post In the Fall I sort of figured that I’d be riding occasionally in the winter. But this is the first winter in a long time where there was hardly a say that either the wasn’t covered in snow and ice or the temperature wasn’t bone-chillingly frigid.

I think I rode Citi Bike once or twice in the winter, both times to try to save myself a little time in the walk down Broadway. I have to admit, there was something real nice about being able to walk to any Citi bike dock I wanted, pick up a bike, and drop it off at any dock. If only it were like that throughout the year.

The temperature today reached an absolutely balmy 52 degrees and sunny.

Most of the snow that fell over the weekend was already gone. I devided to skip out of work early at about 5:30–in the summer the bike docks would all be empty, but to my delight there were still some at the new dock at 48th, which is just two blocks from my office.

I didnt realize how out-of-shape I’d gotten over the winter, as I was huffing and puffing after the first few rounds of pedaling. Traffic wasn’t horrible, although there were monster potholes the size ofGerman  Shepherds to navigate around, and the occasional bike messenger who’d been used to having his own way biking down the wrong way on streets all winter and pissed that regular people are back on the roads.

I made the ride across 47th, down 9th, and back to 8th only to remember what I read in the latest Citi Bike newsletter about the station in front of the Post Office being shut down.

But again, because most Citi Bikers havent gotten back on the road yet, there were plenty of open docks for me to choose from.

So at least I got one near perfect ride in 2015. 

Unlike last year I won’t be posting a ride report for every ride this year, but I’ll be posting whenever I encounter something noteworthy in my Citi Bike adventures. It’s good to be back on the saddle.

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