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Nutrisystem Foods That Are Fun to Make and Eat

You may notice I’ve stopped giving the daily recap of every single meal I eat. It just became too much to keep track of. Instead, from time to time I’ll post here about some especially good Nutrisystem Foods I come across or some cool tricks I’ve discovered in my Nutrisystem travels.

In today’s post, I’ll focus on Nutrisystem foods that are as fun to make as they are to eat. I’ve already talked about the wickedly awesome “science experiment” Nutrisystem foods like the amazing expando-mashed potatoes. Today, I’ll talk about foods that go great with whole wheat wraps.

The first step is to go grocery shopping and buy a package of whole wheat wraps. I got this from BJs.

roll ups
The first food I want to show you is the Chicken Fahitas for dinner. Opening the red pouch, you see a dry mix. You pour it into a bowl and “just add boiling water”. At first it doesn’t look all that promising.

fahita guts
Stir well, and stick it in the microwave and you’ll see an amazing transformation. This is what it looks like out of the microwave and on a wrap:

fahita on open rollRoll it up, and you have something that looks like a regular fahita.

fahita wrappedAnd believe it or not, the taste and texture are simply phenomenal. (10/10).

For my next magic trick, I’m going to show you the “broiled patty”. This is one where you unwrap the pouch and find what looks like a hockey puck in the middle of a plastic tray.

nutrisystem broiled pattyPour boiling water into it, let it rest for two minutes and something amazing happens. Like a sponge, the patty absorbs the water, and presto, you have what looks and smells like a hamburger patty that you just grilled, complete with grill marks and smoky flavor!

I’m going to do a cool cross-over with my other blog, IndoorGardener.Org. In that blog, I’m growing my own lettuce indoors using the Amazing Aerogarden, which is a Nutrisystem dieter’s best friend because you can have freshly grown vegetables and herbs right in your own kitchen. Here, I’m cutting some fresh lettuce leaves to put on my burger.

aerogarden lettucePut it all on a wrap, add some ketchup, wrap it up, and voila…you have a burger that tastes amazingly good (10/10).

patty with aerogarden lettuce and bjs wrap

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    Thanks for the review, I’m getting ready to start their plan.

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