Citi Bike Ride Reports

One last ride before getting the flu, and Yet another broken Citi Bike Station Story: Day 35

My last bike ride until today was a 13 minute bike ride on the morning of Friday 9/19.

I haven’t been posting since then because I’ve had the flu, so I stayed home from work a couple days and then decided as I was recovering to take it a little easy and not exert myself. Which is a bit unfortunate because the weather has been spectacular the last few weeks here in New York.

I finally felt up to biking this past Friday 9/26 after work, as it was another beautiful day. While as usual every bike station was empty by 4:30 PM, to my shock there was a station at 51st and Lex with tons of bikes. I hightailed it over there. Surely enough the docks were all filled.

could it be--full bike station?

I stuck my key in the first one I saw, and nothing happened. Tried the next one. And the next one. Nothing. I saw there were at least half a dozen other schleps like me bouncing from bike to bike like honeybees trying to pollinate a field of plastic flowers. I finally saw at the front of the bike station that there was no power to the station, even the screen was dead. So that added insult to injury, as now I had to walk even further back to Penn. Thanks again Citi Bike…



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