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Playstation 3D Display at Cheapest Price Ever

Guess what? The PlayStation 3D Display Bundle is available at Best Buy for $200. That’s right, the same system I happily forked over $600 for on launch day is now a third of that price.

Considering the system includes¬†a $60 game, a $60 pair of glasses, and a $20 cable, that’s like getting the actual monitor for…aw, I’m actually too depressed to do the math…

Just kidding of course…I have no regrets about buying it at the original retail price, as you can tell by my rave¬†review of the PS3 3D Display. But if you were lucky enough to procrastinate about it until now, I’d jump on it while you can.

As I wrote in my original review, this is a great low-cost way to experience 3D of a lot of the games you already have without forking over $3000 for a bigger TV that’ll be outdated in a year. I’ve enjoyed Uncharted 3, MLB 2012, and a bunch of games I didn’t realize we’re in 3D.

Dont forget that you can also watch 3D Blu-Rays on this thing, as well as use it as a high-end computer monitor.

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