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Playstation 3D Display Almost Here!

While this isn’t directly related to fitness on the PS3, something I’m definitely very excited about is the imminent release of the Playstation 3D display.

I admit, since ¬†firmware release 3.30 in March 2010 which brought the ability to play 3D games, and firmware release 3.50 in September 2010 which allowed for playback of 3D Blu-Ray discs, I’ve been seriously contemplating replacing my LCD screen for a new 3D one. Problem is, the economy being what it is, I don’t happen to have $2000 lying around. Still, being able to “immerse” yourself in games, particularly Playstation Move games like Medieval Moves, should really enhance game play.

The PlayStation 3D display is finally getting released on November 13, 2011. It’s not $2500 or $2000 or $1500. You can get it for under $500 (okay, four pennies under, but that’s still under). For that price, you’ll get a very high quality 24″ monitor (if that seems small, remember that just 15 years ago a 25″ inch TV in your living room was considered gargantuan) which boasts active 3D (meaning the crispest, cleanest picture you can get), incredible sound, and a pair of 3D glasses.

What’s more, it’ll play 3D Blu-Ray discs right from your PS3 and can be attached to your cable box for watching TV with crisp digital picture and sound. And if you have a home gym, it’s the perfect size for you to use while working out, whether to a PS3 Fitness Game, or just walking on a treadmill watching the latest 3D movie or your favorite TV show.

Rumor has it that sometime in November, Sony will start selling a “3D Starter Kit” which will include two pairs of 3D glasses and the last two Harry Potter movies in 3D. ¬†This is perfect for someone like me who bought the Harry Potter Years 1-6 Blu-rays. Not only will this complete the collection, the last two movies will be in glorious 3D. You might recall that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 was supposed to be in 3D, but was released to the theaters in 2D only because they couldn’t finish the 3D process in time. Well, they did now, so you can be the first to see the last two movies in full 3D.

After a disastrous year which included the PSN security debacle, the Japan earthquake, and other things that sent Sony stock plummeting, I have a good feeling that this is going to start to turn their fortunes around. While most TV manufacturers have assumed people want bigger and bigger TVs and would be willing to spend the money for them, I like Sony’s bet that people will be able to shell out $500 to experience 3D on a smaller screen (which ultimately will be crisper than a huge TV because the pixels are closer together AND you’re sitting closer to it). My guess is that they’re not making a ton of money off of it, but like they did with spending the extra money to provide a Blu-Ray drive inside each Playstation, hopefully their gamble that getting 3D in more people’s hands relatively cheaply now will pay off huge for them in the future.

playstation 3d

I’ve ordered one myself and will be documenting the unboxing and my thoughts on it as I try new 3D games and demos and new 3D movies and Blu-rays. We’ll be keeping this site focused on PS3 Fitness, so those thoughts will go onto our sister site about the Playstation 3d Display,

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