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Review of Just Dance 4 for Wii

A few weeks ago I published my review of Just Dance 4 for the Wii U. As I know a lot of folks out there still are using the Wii as their main console (or have purchased a Wii U and are using their old Wii in their home gym exclusively for working out), I figured I’d spend a few minutes to talk about Just Dance for the Wii.

Just Dance 4 for the Wii is for all intents and purposes the same as its Wii U counterpart, with its simple opening menu with two options (Just Dance and Just Sweat), the same ability to create Dancer Cards, virtually the same song list, and the same fun 1-4 person choreography. You’ll also be able to unlock Battle Mode which is a fun two-player game putting you against another player (all 5 battles must be unlocked).

It also has the same “Dance Quests” under each song, and the same system of unlocking new features using Mojo Points. The only thing missing are a few Wii U exclusive songs, as well as some Wii U features like “Puppet Master Mode”.

Just Sweat Mode is also set up exactly the same on both systems. You start out with four sessions (Aerobics in Space, Sweat Around the World, Electro Body Combat, or Cheerleaders Boot Camp) representing 80’s Pop, World Music, Electro Music, or Punk Rock genres and Dynamic Fitness, Latin Dance, Cardio Fighting, or Extreme Training styles. You’ll also be able to unlock one more (Swinging 60s Workout) as you advance.

These aren’t just the standard choreographed songs set to music, but specially designed workouts with moves that exercise specific parts of your body and have proper warm-up and cool-down routines. Here’s a video of “Sweat Around the World” workout that features Latin dances; not surprisingly, there’s a very Zumba-esqure feel with a lot of the dancing.

Assuming you really perform the workouts to the best of your ability for a sustained period of time (at least 30 minutes a day), they are intense cardio workouts that rival or surpass the best “pure workout titles” on the Wii (and in fact have such a good balance of fun, replay value, and exercise that it still ranks #1 on our list of Best Wii Fitness Games).

Just Dance, Just Dance 2, and Just Dance 3 for the Wii were already excellent titles, but as I did with the Wii U version of the game I wholeheartedly give this one 5 of 5 stars. There are a lot of things that will make you want to take Just Dance 4 off the shelf and play it again and again, whether it’s collecting Mojo Points to unlock new game features (some songs will flash an icon telling you you can double-Mojo points), hitting a fitness goal, or mastering a particular routine with a friend.

While the Wii U features certainly do add some fun and frivolity when playing in groups, they are certainly not central to the gameplay. The meat of the game is still intact in the Wii version, and it’s still a worthwhile buy if you don’t have immediate plans to purchase a Wii U. I was a little disappointed to find that the stats I had earned while playing the Wii U version were not reflected when I played the Wii version, meaning that if you do get the Wii U version eventually, you’ll have to unlock all the bonus features from scratch.

Something else Just Dance 4 has, which I didn’t mention on the Wii U review, is an excellent in-game Store where you can purchase downloadable content. I knew exactly the first song I wanted to buy.

Okay, I know it’s this generation’s “Macarena” or “Who Let the Dogs Out”, but hey, I’ve been wanting to learn PSY’s moves since I first saw Gangham Style on YouTube, and while the Just Dance choreography isn’t an exact match to the video, all of his signature moves are there.

As you can see, the download process is amazingly simple; as long as you have Wii Points in your account the 300 points will be deducted from that, and the song will appear right in the Just Dance 4 menu once you download it. You can choose to download the song to Wii System Memory or to an SD card. Within the options menu, you can even move your downloaded content between the memory and the SD card.

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