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Early Reviews of Sony Move

Some good news for Sony in the Playstation Move / Xbox Kinect wars. Among members of the media who have already tried both, many are declaring Sony’s controller more precise and offering a more satisfying and integrated experience. According to PC World, Sony “seems to have the lag-free precision-tracking parts down pat, arguably better than either of its competitors“. USA Today says “Overall, Move feels responsive, and the PlayStation Eye camera seems to track movements well”. While CNET says “the PlayStation Move is currently our favorite entry in the motion control competition. Kinect works well enough, but it’s not always as responsive as you’d want, or at least that’s how some of the games we tried felt”.

That’s three very strong reviews from three of the most trusted names in video game reviews. Of course Sony shouldn’t rest on its laurels: all it needs to do is think of the lesson of Betamax vs. VHS (or even motion control-less Playstation 3 vs. Wii) to remember that the best technology doesn’t always translate into the winner. But it’s a good start for them.

Details are still sketchy about Playstation games specifically geared towards fitness and exercise, but I’ll pass that on as soon as I hear anything.

In other news, Sony Move pre-order links are now live on Amazon. If the experiences we’ve had buying the Wii Fit are any indication, it’s never too early to order yours!

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