Some Nutrisystem Highlights Over the Past Few Weeks

I thought I’d post about some of the Nutrisystem food highlights which I haven’t mentioned in the blog yet.

Apple Granola Bar. Breakfast and lunch bars are where Nutrisystem shines. You’ve got a whole meal of nutrients packed into a tasty bar. They’re great for meals, and I also like to pack them when I go biking or hiking. This one is the Apple Granola bar, but they’re all quite good. Check out the texture (8/10).

nutrissytem apple bar

Beef Pot Roast with Vegetables and Gravy. While this is yet another one of those slabs-of-meat-in-a-brown-sauce that look like so many other Nutrisystem foods, I have to admit this one tasted a cut above the rest. The portions were a good size, and while the meat was a tad on the dry side, the ample sauce made up for it (8/10).
nutrisystem pot roast
While most Nutrisystem lunches are either tiny little cans of soup you put in the microwave, or paper cups of dehydrated pasta or powder that you just add water to, the Red Beans and Rice with Sausage actually comes in a vacuum-sealed pouch. When you open the pouch, the already-cooked rice and beans comes out. Stick in a microwave, and it’s one of the best tasting lunches they have (9/10).

nutrisystem sausage and rice

I was a bit skeptical at first when I heard about Nutrisystem’s Cheesy Mashed Potatoes. First of all, I wasn’t sure if just eating mashed potatoes for lunch was enough. Second, I opened the container and inside I just saw light yellow powder. This is another one of those “is it a meal or is it a science experiment” ones. But I added water, stirred, microwaved, fluffed, and this is what I got. And it tasted REALLY good with the cheese and herbs infused, even better than when I make it from scratch (10/10).

nutrisystem mashed potatoes

I’ve heard rave reviews about the Nutrisystem Chicken Salad. This is another one that comes in a pouch, not a box. They tell you to “spread in on melba toast”. Since I had a coupon for Bagel Chips at BJ’s, I decided to do that instead. It was a great decision. The chicken salad comes in ample portions and tastes fantastic (10/10).

nutrisystem chicken salad on bagel chips

So, that’s it for the most recent highlights. I think by now I’ve tried just about every Nutrisystem food out there, and wrote about most of them. Leave a comment if there’s another food you’d like me to try. 🙂

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