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The Best 3D Games I’ve Played So Far on the Playstation 3D Display

After playing a number of games for the Playstation, there are a few that jumped out at me as simply stunning in 3D. Best thing about it, a lot of these games you may already have on the shelf, but with your Playstation 3D display you’ll give it new life.

1) Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – The original Uncharted set new standards in video gaming for a story line worthy of Hollywood screenwriters, an amazing soundtrack, and incredibly detailed graphics and virtual worlds. Uncharted 3 adds to the list absolutely fantastic 3D. The rooftop views of London by night are so extraordinarily beautiful that I had to pause to just admire it. The 3D effect is amazing, and absolutely enhances the game play (this was the first game where I really felt like objects “floated” in front of me). This is a game that is close to perfection and is definitely a “must have” in your collection if you want to own the best of the best in 3D games for the PS3.

2) Motorstorm Apocalypse – This is the game that’s bundled with Playstation 3D Displays. I’ll admit, there’s a little too much complexity in the controls and the storyline for my tastes, as I like my racing games to be just racing games. But again, the 3D graphics are extremely well done and great for showcasing the talents of the Playstation with 3D.

3) The Fight: Lights Out – This was a game I’d purchased at full retail when it first came out to use with the Playstation Move. One of my biggest complaints was that there was simply no depth perception–I’d flail away at the opponent’s face wildly hoping to make contact. This is a case where 3D is not just aesthetically pleasing, it’s essential to enjoying the game to its fullest. I can actually reach out and lay a left hook squarely in the opponent’s face, rather than just waving my hands wondering if I’m making contact.

4) Tumble HD (PSN) – This was a downloadable game on PSN that was ho-hum when I first tried the demo. It was an interesting demo for the Move, but otherwise nothing very special. But putting on the 3D glasses changes the game completely. You can move blocks in three dimensions, making the experience amazingly real. The blocks themselves with their various textures also feel more real than ever. I played the demo again and went ahead and purchased the full version immediately as soon as I experienced it in 3D.

5) Virtua Tennis 4 – This was a game which didn’t receive very good reviews, mainly because the tennis simulation itself paled in comparison to Top Spin 4. However, I have to say at least from an aesthetic perspective (if not a realism perspective), using the Move controller as a racquet and standing on the court in 3D is by far the most realistic virtual reality experience I’ve had to date. Sadly, the Move controller is only used for a small portion of the game, but I was impressed enough to have

6) MLB 11 The Show – This was another game which I thought I’d played out, but adding the 3D was like getting a whole new game. It’s exhilarating to be able to watch pitches come right at you, as well as to watch fly balls actually travel through the air. Again, I wish the Move capabilities were expanded a bit (it’s only good for the home run derby), but again it’s one of the more realistic examples of virtual reality on the PS3 so far.

7) Gran Turismo 5 – This was a game which I’d really not played in a while. I won’t say the 3D effects are as stunning as, say, Motorstorm Apocalypse or Uncharted 3, but they’re not bad especially when you use the “in car” view and experience the full depth of the steering wheel, the rearview mirror, and the view outside.

So, that’s my take on games I had, many of which were sitting on the shelf collecting dust, that received new life with 3D. If you have experience playing other 3D games that blew your mind, share them here!

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