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The Future of VR Fitness – Oculus Quest

While I’ve loved using my PSVR for fitness, the one thing that’s gotten in the way (literally) are the wires, wires, wires. I can’t count how many plants, lamps, and cats I’ve knocked over while jumping out of the way of bullets in SuperHot or getting tangled with my VirZOOM bike.

In September 2018, Facebook announced a new VR headset called Oculus Quest. What is game-changing (literally) is that this is completely wireless.

Oculus already released Oculus Go last year, but it was skimpy on memory and ran on an older generation chipset. This new model will give HTC Vive a run (literally) for its money, as for the first time in an Oculus headset it features positional tracking, in both the headset itself and in the handheld controllers. Even more impressive, all of the processing power and battery are built right into the headeset. That’s right, no need to buy a $2500 gaming computer or even a $600 gaming console in order to run the latest generation VR.

arrested development michael george lightsaber gifWhat this means is that unlike the current Oculus, Vive, and PSVR offerings, your workout will no longer be confined to a 5 foot by 5 foot space. You’ll be able to run to the privacy of your garage Michael George style to play Beat Saber or any other game you like.

Beat Saber, in fact, is one of the launch titles, as is SuperHot, Creed: Rise to Glory, VZFit, and many more of the games that have gotten given stellar reviews to on this blog.. So you’ll be able to use it for fitness out of the box.

Needless to say, when it launches we’ll be posting some of our first impressions here. Stay tuned!

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