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Using a PC and Watching YouTube in 3D with the Playstation 3D Display

One of the first things I tried with my new Playstation 3D display was hooking up the display to my laptop. My laptop is a Toshiba F755-S5219 which happens to have an HDMI connector, as well as an NVIDIA video card which is capable of 3D output.

Setup could not possibly have been easier. I plugged an HDMI cable on one end to the laptop, and the other end to the “HDMI2” connector on the Playstation Display. I used the buttons on back to switch the input to HDMI2. Lo and behold, I saw my computer screen on the Playstation monitor.

my PC on my playstation

The picture quality was excellent, the screen was bright and the colors brilliant.

Sadly, even though I have a laptop that supposedly has 3D capabilities, I tried for hours and hours to get the 3D to output to the Playstation 3D Display, but with no luck. It’s a Toshiba laptop with very outdated video drivers (which haven’t been updated in months), so my guess is that this has something to do with it. I called Toshiba’s customer support which was beyond useless. In one case I sat on the phone for 40 minutes only to a rep that had no idea what was going on, only to be hung up on after the end of my wait time. Put bluntly, I am not happy with Toshiba at the moment.

Anyway, happily I did find a way to view 3D on the Playstation 3D Display, even without a 3D card. Here’s how.

1) Ensure your computer is plugged into your Playstation Monitor and make sure that your Windows settings is to “clone displays” so you can see the same screen on your main monitor and your Playstation monitor.

2) Go to the YouTube 3D Channel at

3) Choose a 3D-encoded movie. You can identify these when you see a red “3D” in the lower right-hand corner:

watching youtube 3d on playstation 3d display

4) Click on the red 3D indicator. A pop-up will appear. Make sure that “Side By Side” is listed as the 3D method (if the HTML5 option is enabled, it means your video card is capable of supporting 3D on its own)

youtube 3d on ps3

5) Ensure that the video is set to the highest resolution possible, preferably 1080p.

youtube 3d on ps3 display4. Press the “Full Screen” icon.

youtube on ps3

If all goes well, both monitors will show a split screen image that looks like this.

split screen 3d

Now, on the Playstation 3D Display, press the “3D” button on the back (it’s the button all the way on the bottom). It’ll toggle between three options: 3D auto, 3D side-by-side, and 3D top-to-bottom. Choose 3D side-by-side.

Miraculously, the picture on the Playstation Display will now be in glorious 3D, which will be fully viewable with your glasses.

Now when you finish viewing the movie and the screen is no longer full-screen, you’ll see a garbled picture. This is why it’s important to have the screen cloned on your main monitor, so you can navigate to other 3D movies.

There are already a lot of great movies, trailers, demos and other videos all over YouTube for you to spend a lot of time watching.


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