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Wii Batting Practice coming soon

Fresh off its successes with Dance Dance Revolution and Walk It Out, its first foray into the exercise genre, Konami has announced another title set to release on April 27.

It’s called The Cages: Pro Style Batting Practice. It’s a baseball simulator that uses the Wii Motion Plus to simulate a batting cage. The publisher’s description seems to indicate that it’ll be a simulation of having real pitches thrown at you. It sounds like a fantastic idea for a game, and let’s keep our fingers crossed that Konami put the effort in to make it a truly realistic simulation.

Some early information on the game is available on Konami’s Web site.

As a big baseball fan and someone who forks over a little too much at the real-life batting cages sometimes, this is probably the upcoming Wii fitness game I’m looking forward to most. Stay tuned!

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