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Wii Fit U Update to Version 1.3.0

For those of you who missed it, 2 weeks ago there was an update to Wii Fit U. There were the typical updates of bug fixes and UX improvements.

For those of you who, like me, use the Fit Meter every day I can, you’ll be happy to know that there are a bunch of new Fit Meter Challenge Courses.

For the walking courses, in addition to the existing courses:

Chicago – 26 miles
New York – 13 miles
London – 26 miles
Hawaii – 133 miles
Tour of Italy – 653 miles
Sydney – 23 miles
Berlin – 26 miles
Tokyo – 26 miles

You’ll have these new trails to conquer as well, complete with new cultural and historical information.

Vancouver Island Trail – 409 miles
John Muir Trail – 211 miles
Appalachian Trail – 2160 miles
Florida Trail – 761 miles
Via Augusta – 1108 miles
Orient Express – 1799 miles
Romantic Road – 228 miles
Tour of Crete – 298 miles
Kyushu – 249 miles
Shikoku – 746 miles
Tokaido – 306 miles
Hokkaido – 511 miles

Similar, in addition to these old Altitude challenges…

Statue of Liberty – 305 feet
Grand Canyon – 7260 feet
Eiffel Tower – 1062 feet
Pyramids – 446 feet
Mont Blanc – 15780 feet
Burj Khalifa – 2716 feet
Mount Everest – 29028 feet
Mount Fuji – 12388 feet

You’ll get these new ones.

Mount McKinley – 20236 feet
Half Dome – 8835 miles
CN Tower – 1814 miles
Machu Picchu – 7972 miles
The Shard – 1017 miles
The Matterhorn – 14692 miles
The Eiger – 13025 miles
Mount Olympus – 9573 miles
Mount Yari – 10433 miles
Yatsugatake – 9511 miles
Tokyo Skytree – 2080 miles
Mount Bandai – 5968 miles

Rather than stuffing everything on one map, they’ve kept the original world map but created new maps by region that you can scroll to. Here are the hiking trails in North America:

wii fit u map of north america

Here’s what the Appalachian Trail looks like. I do like that as you hit each checkpoint, you can read information about the location that can even help you plan a real-live trip. Unfortunately, if you’re doing a lot of miles at once, you won’t see these pop up for each checkout. But if you enter a little bit of data at a time, you can vicariously relive the experience of hiking the long trail. There’s something cool about taking your normal walk and “applying” the miles to a real-life hiking trail.


It’s been a while since I input my altitude data, so I decided to relive my visit to Tokyo Skytree last December.

tokyo skytree on wii fit u

Lo and behold, I got a new hat out of it!

new hat!


The timing of these improvements to Wii Fit U couldn’t be better for me, as I’ve recently started on yet another experimentation in changing daily habits and weight loss. I signed up for New York City’s oft-maligned bike share program. I decided while there’s a lull in fitness video games, I might as well start doing a little blogging about my Citi Bike experiences. Feel free to take a gander if you’re interested…if not, stay tuned for a review of a new Wii U fitness game shortly!


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