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Wii Games on the Amazon Gold Box – 8/31/10

If you haven’t been to Amazon today, check out the Gold Box:

They’ll have a couple Wii games for sale throughout the day with slashed prices, and at least a few will be games on our Top 10. As usual, they’ve used cryptic clues for most of the on-sale items, but here are my guesses for what they are:

  • All Day: Tony Hawk: Ride
  • 9:00a – 12:00p Eastern – Dance your way to fit. – Gold’s Gym Dance Workout
  • 12:00p – 3:00p Eastern – Walk This Way – Walk It Out
  • 3:00p – 4:00p Eastern – No Toy Gets Left Behind – Toy Story 3
  • 4:00p – 6:00p Eastern – 15 Ways to Have Fun on Your Wii – Possibly Wii Fit Plus
  • 6:00p – 7:00p Eastern – Bring the Broadway musical experience right into your living room. – Dance on Broadway
  • 7:00p – 9:00p Eastern – The Wii on 480p – HDMI cable for the Wii
  • 9:00p – 11:00p Eastern – Enjoy this massive fantasy epic. –
  • 11:00p – 12:00a Eastern – Transform your Wii controller into sports equipment – most likely a set of plastic add-ons for your Wii remote.

Some of these will go almost instantly, so get on while the getting’s good!

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